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Not eating

Anyone else's LO going thru a phase of not eating? I swear Jakey lives off of milk lately :roll: He will not eat at all during meal times for the past few days. Even yesterday I made him french fries for lunch which is his alltime fav and he still wouldn't eat them. I'm getting so frustrated!

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Today Alexander has eaten (and it's 2 hours till bed time here so all meal times are over) half a yoghurt, 2 biscuits and half and English muffin with cheese on

He also pretty much lives off milk. I get REALLY frustrated in wasting so much food but I know he'll eat if he's hungry

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YES! Luke is in a stage where all he wants is those yogurt drinks. I don't know how he survives. I do make a point of having a lot of stuff in the house that he can "eat and run" with... gold fish crackers, string cheese, that sort of stuff that he can hold in his hand and run with... he's not much for actually sitting and eating a meal.

He brought DH the eggs out of the fridge last night, so we took that as he wanted some eggs, so DH made him one, and when he gave it to him, he screamed "NOOOOO" and threw the plate on the ground! He got a good time out for that, but he does this, makes you make him something, then doesn't eat it. Sad

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Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES. Kate LOVES her milk and drinks it all the time. We go through a gallon of milk at our house in about 2 days. We have started cutting her off and she will drink water between meals. She usually eats a good breakfast, but lunch and dinner have been 3-4 bites max lately. DH and I are wondering when her pants will start falling off, she has got be losing weight. We know she'll eat if she's hungry though, so we just keep offering healthy options.

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Nichole - Jakey does the same thing!! He'll take something out of the fridge so I'll make it/give it to him and he'll take the plate and put it on the counter. Then he gets mad when I give it to Emma :roll: At least she is finally putting on some weight since she's in the eating anything phase and I keep giving her Jakey's portions LOL.

Glad to know that he isn't the only one going thru this. Its so frustrating and I hope it ends soon!

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Mine just want junk. They have good days and bad days with eating and it seems they alternate. They are good about drinking milk and water and love thier yogurt so I guess that's something.

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I could have wrote your post... Sad he has his ups and down.... he eats more lately though which I'm glad for!

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Melissa- Luke does that too! He doesn't want, but no one else can have it either. :rolleyes:

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Yup, like D & G, Ryken only wants junk. He would rather eat snacks all day long. He asks for cake, cookies, and ice cream everyday....which is weird because we rarely give him any of that crap. He eats ok, but can be super picky. One day he loves mac and cheese and then next day he wont touch it. It's frustrating.

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That's the way my Liberty is. She only wants a bottle and if she does get in the mood to eat something, she only wants junk food! All she asks for is cookies, donuts, chocolate (none of which I buy lol, so she gets mad when it's not there!)! I don't know what to do. Sometimes I can get her to take a bite of cereal, or chicken... I can't believe my two year old princess isn't anorexic!