Pooping on the potty???

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Pooping on the potty???

This is a major issue for us!

We have peepee down to a science in the little potty, but Caitlynn refuses to poop! She will hold it for 3 days or so until she can't hold it anymore, then will blow-out of a pull-up. The other night, she did so much that it came out all over the carpet!

What did you do? I have offered incentive, sat with her while she "tries," offered up a punishment/incentive alternative, and nothing seems to work. Leaving her alone means I get a poopy pull-up. Blum 3 With a new baby coming, we need to get this pooping thing on a roll. I don't want to be changing 2 sets of diapers!

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Same problem here. My son has been peepee trained for over 6 months, but he still just poops in his pants. We have offered so many incentives!

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We got Ryken trained back in June and it was probably a good 3 months before he stopped pooping in his underwear. It took about 2 weeks when we started training to get him to poop for the first time on the toilet. We offered incentive. After that it was hit and miss. Every time he would poop in his pants he would get rinsed off with the shower head afterwards. He HATED that. It wasn't like it was in his face or cold or anything, I would take it down and just rinse his butt and legs off. I think that helped him go on the toilet more because he hated getting rinsed off. lol, not very nice but it worked.

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Kate used to be afraid of pooping in the toilet. We started offering her a piece of candy (like one Skittle) if she did it. She would get excited and get up there, then nothing. Finally there came a day when she just had to go, couldn't hold it anymore. I think I got lucky that I caught her at that moment. I put her on the potty and she held it and held it and then started crying to get down. So I told her okay, she could try again another day. So I lay her down to put a pull up on and (TMI) it was on its way out...there was no turning back. So I put her on the potty again and told her it was okay, that the poo poo was coming. She didn't really have a chance to react-it came out and I clapped and praised her and told her what a big girl she was. Then we took her out to get donuts for breakfast (she loooooves donuts) and we went to the zoo to celebrate! Luckily, we were planning to go to the zoo that day anyway, but she didn't know yet. Wink Anything fun we did that day, we would relate back to her pooping in the potty. Like we would say to her big brother, "Aren't you so proud of Kate? She went poop in the potty and now we get to have donuts for breakfast!" And he would tell her good job. But we talked about her success all day and for several days after. Anyway, that got her over her fear and she has been pooping like a pro ever since. I think if you can catch her once and let her experience it, then throw a little "hooray for big girls" celebration, she might figure it out.

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Jacob was the exact same way and was even waking up dry! It was so frustrating for me and I tried everything - bribery with food, toys, events out. No go. One night we were just hanging out and he went over to the potty and poo'd. Not sure what the chance of heart was with him but it hasn't been a problem since. I think it just takes some kids time to get use to the thought of poo'ing in the potty.

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I defintely would steer clear of punishing, as that just sets a negative vibe with potty training. Liberty did the same thing, so we just let her run around the house naked and only put her in a pull up after she had fallen asleep (that way she wouldn't know she was wearing one and wouldn't poop in it). It took about a week or so, but she finally understood that poop goes where pee does and not in a pull up! Good luck!