POTM August

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POTM August

This month pulling silly faces

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I had to hunt for this one. Jocelyn sees a camera and says "cheese" and smiles like a movie star these days, so silly faces in a photo are rare. This one is from Elliott's first birthday back in March. Yes, that is icing in their hair. Smile

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Hunter taking pictures of himself with Daddy's Iphone!


Hot hot day.... almost 40C (104F)


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I tried to get Ryken to do some silly faces this morning....here's what I got Smile

His cheesy smile....and he usually wont look at the camera when he does it! lol

Trying to pull his mouth apart with his hands

sticking his tongue out


And here's a video using photo booth on my computer Biggrin

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Alexander pulls a LOT of silly faces (usually when he's trying to smile) so here are some pics from the last couple of months Smile

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These are a few months old...but she makes this face often:

It's hard to get a straight smile out of her....