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Potty preference

Does your LO use the big toilet or their own toddler-sized potty? If they use a small potty, how do they do in public restrooms?

We have a small potty seat that sits on top of the big potty that Kate likes to use, but honestly, it's kind of a pain. I'm thinking of tossing it and having her only use the big potty. We can't carry it around everywhere we go anyway. How do your LOs do on the big potty?

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Hunter pees in the big toilet no problem (with or without the little seat on top of it). In public places he will pee just fine on big toilet or outside when we are outside.
As for poop, he will only do it in his little potty. He has been trained for poop for a week now so he never had to go in public yet.... hopefully it will be ok.

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Both..and for both Smile He likes to stand up and "wee like daddy" at a big toilet but I keep a little potty down stairs as we don't have a downstairs toilet and he uses that fine

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Ryken uses both. We have the little potty out in the living room, and I think it helps that he can see it to remind him he needs to go in the potty and not in his pants. He goes on the big potty before bed or a bath and when we're out somewhere.

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Both here too. We have the little potty out in the living area so that he can go but if we are upstairs, he'll go fine on the big potty as well. I have yet to venture out with him in underwear though. I've done it in the yard a few times and he never tells me he has to go, he just goes so I haven't been brave enough to try anywhere else yet

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Liberty uses both. If she's at home she uses her own potty, but if we're out she'll tell me when she has to go and does just fine in a public restroom. We're still working on the overnight thing, though!

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Saphira is doing great on a big potty for peeing. She only pooped in the little potty two tiems and hasn't done it again. She will tell use "i need to go poop." We take her to the potty and she never goes... she just plays... At daycare she seems to be going poop and pee just fine, as i have yet to have to take pull ups to the daycare in over 2 weeks.

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Claire mostly uses her little potty, we have a seat that fits onto the toilet but she needs help to get up and stay on, she's such a petite little thing she'll fall in if I don't hold her! She's peed in public a few times, but only at the malls that have family washrooms with the little toddler-sized toilets. She won't use the big toilets, she's just too off-balance on them. Honestly, if I know we're going somewhere I try to restrict her liquids so we don't have to worry about it too much.