Potty Training Question

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Potty Training Question

So for those that are potty training or have already done so, what do you do when you go out? Do you do underwear or a pull-up/diaper? I've been putting a diaper on Jakey when we go out as first off he as no verbal communication to be able to tell me he has to go and even if he did, I don't think he would give me enough 'notice' KWIM? Lol

Just wondering what you all have done or are doing!

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Hunter is potty trained for peeing only.....
So if he had a bowel movement that day, I will leave him in his underwear to go out. If not, I'll put a pull up to go out in case he needs to poo. He won't go in the toilet for #2:rolleyes:
He is pretty good and don't have accidents..... but if he plays outside too long, he forgets and sometimes let a little pee in his pants....

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Alexander is just wears his undies. He has a pull up for night but he's only pee'd in one once. He instead wakes up at 5am shouting us to go :rolleyes:

As Alexander has really bad verbal communication he quickly learned a way to tell me when he has to go. He does a little dance and either points to his willy or his bum. Then we have about a minuet to get to a toilet

I spent a week at home so if he had any accidents I would leave him wet for half an hour so he knew it wasn't very nice and he wouldn't get his treat (which did starts off as stickers but very quickly became a bit of Easter egg *sigh*) he had one accident a day for 3 days. The first 2 days of getting him to poop was with a lot of crying like he was scared but now he just goes over to his potty, pulls down his trousers and undies down and goes no problem.

I did leave him bottomless but 2 days ago he insisted he wanted to wear his clothes and I wasn't going to stop him as he needed to learn and like I said, no accidents. He's stopping with his grandparents tonight so I'm hoping he's good there although I have packed all his clean undies and trousers Lol