She's finally here!!

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She's finally here!!

My baby girl finally arrived yesterday. Samantha Laura was born on 10/9 at 12:32pm. As it turns out, she wouldn't leave because there were good eats in there- she was 10 pounds, 3 ounces!!

There isn't much of a birth story. I was scheduled for induction Tuesday night but had a size ultrasound first on Monday. They estimated her at 11lbs in the ultrasound so they switched my appointment to a c-section Tuesday morning. I was actually relieved because I had a miserable recovery from delivery my 9lb 3 oz daughter vaginally. The c-section went well and I stayed pretty calm although I got a little sweaty/shaky when they were doing the spinal. She ended up not being quite 11 pounds but I think the right decision was made as she was still very big (and I forgot to mention sunny side up). I felt great for the following 24 hours because of the iv mess although the pain has kicked in quite a bit since that wore off. Everyone tells me that today is usually worse pain wise so I look forward to tomorrow.

I will post pictures when I get home- I don't have my computer with me (or can I photobucket from my phone?)

Anyway, we're both doing well, she's perfectly healthy and sweet!

I forgot to add that Laura is my mom's middle name. Alexis has Walter's mom's name , Victoria, as her middle name. My mom was very excited.

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Awesome!!! Congrats!!! And yeah, recovery from a 10+ pound baby would be miserable... not to mention the delivery could be dangerous for her (and you). Wishing you a quick recovery!!

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Congrats!! That is one big baby!! Can't wait to see pictures! hope your recovery is quick!

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Congrats!!! You cooked up a big baby! Smile I'm glad you're happy with the decision to have a c-section and I hope you have a quick recovery. Let's see some pictures when you find some time!

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Congrats Carrie!!!!

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Wow that is a big baby girl!! Congrats! Hope you recover well from the csection.