sibling stuff :(

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sibling stuff :(

I've been on morning duty this week since Brian is on travel. We usually get them up together on the weekends, so I'm not used to the one-adult morning thing.

Jocelyn is fine through the getting both kids changed and dressed. Then when I open the door and tell her to go downstairs to eat, she goes out the door and starts down the stairs and is fine.

But... When I pick up Elliott and begin to bring him down the stairs, she FREAKS. Comes running to me, throws herself at me, and has a total fit.

I would have thought she'd be used to having him around by now. It's been over a year. It's almost like when she sees me holding him and realized he's coming downstairs, too, she gets so mad she can't stand it.

Anyone else go through something similar?

Any suggestions?

(I do NOT want to walk her downstairs by herself or do anything else to perpetuate her fantasy that she is an only child -- the girl has got to deal with the fact that Elliott is here to stay and an equal in our family.)

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We have a little bit of a problem with Bryce being jealous of Luke... However Bryce is 5 and is old enough to know better KWIM? So I think its a bit different with having 2 kids so young and so close in age. I am not sure how to handle that one.

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Lily has been great for the most part since I brought Luke home. She never really seemed jealous and always wanted to help with him. Well now, just in the past few weeks or so, I can see a little bit of jealousy coming out. It's like now that he is bigger and rolling all over the place and interacting more, she realizes that he is another person more like her, not like a doll that just sits there. Most of the time if she is jealous she just tries to ingore the fact that he is there and refuses to aknowledge him, but sometimes she does pitch a fit when I or my parents pick him up. Sorry, I don't know much else to do besides ignore her fit when she has it or go put her in time out.

Do you have a special 1-on-1 time w/ each of them every day? Luke of couse is easier for me b/c of our nursing time, but I try to have special time w/ Lily, just the 2 of us, for at least a few min every day. It usually ends up being her bedtime after I lay Luke down in his crib. We have bathtime and a little playtime then storytime together, without baby. I know it's not much, but I think it really helps.

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The only thing Alexander gets jealous about is toys. Tobey has turned into a grabbing machine and Alexander has a real tantrum if he see's Tobey with one of his things.

I do what Veonica does and have one-on-one time with them both. Well, it's more I spend time alone with Alexander while Tobey is asleep then when I have to do something with Tobey like feed him etc I explain to him that we have had time together and it's Tobey's turn now and most of the time with a little distraction (TV, toys) he's happy to accept that he needs to share his time


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We have very little jealousy here I think cause Jakey was so young when Emma came along that he doesn't remember a time without her LOL. The jealousy comes when Jakey tries to sit on me, Emma freaks :roll: Like the others, I just try to have one on one time with both of them. Usually when Jakey wakes up early in the morning we have our cuddle time downstairs while watching his shows.

Does she do this with Brian in the morning usually? Maybe its just something with DH being away?