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I hope I don't jinx it w/ this post! Biggrin

We are on Day 3 of potty training, and it is going great! I used the 3 day method that I sent out to all of you. (If you didn't get it and want it let me know.) The only things I did change is that I am using a pull-up on her at night only, and I pretty much bribed her with M&Ms for going on the potty. Day 1 was pretty frustrating. We had just as many, if not more, accidents than successes. Day 2 started off just as bad, w/ about 4 or 5 accidents. But something kind of clicked w/ her after naptime apparently, b/c she had zero accidents from getting up from her nap at 3:30 until bedtime. And today she had only 2 accidents total. And one of those was during her nap, which I kind of expected. The 1st part of the day today I kept having to make her go when she started doing the potty dance, lol. But by lunchtime she started telling me almost every time when she had to go. She has also been pooping on the potty, which was the part I was worried about, but it doesn't phase her. We even braved leaving the house to drive the 10 min trip to Grandma's house for dinner and swimming. Smile

Anyways, I hope it keeps up! Now we just have to work on staying dry at night and during naps.

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It worked the same with us too. I was really disheartened on the first couple of days but it's great now (again, I don't want to jinx anything but I think he's better now and back to normal from his regression last week) I'm still bribing him with chocolate buttons but it's all good Smile

WTG Lily!!!

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WTG Lily!!! Yahoo

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Great job! I wish Luke would do more with the potty besides put teddy on it! :rolleyes:

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Ok I'm definitely interested in learning more about this 3-day thing...we're so ready to be done with diapers around here! I'd appreciate it a whole lot if you'd post it again Smile

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Amanda - if you PM me your email address I will send it to you. Everyone that I know that has used it has had good results from it.

Well Day 4 and ZERO accidents all day! Yahoo Not even at naptime!! I'm so proud of my big girl!

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Please send it to me!! I need help. [email][/email]

That's great that Lilly is doing so good. Honestly, I think its me having no patience lately that is stopping our progress. I hope day 5 is accident free too!

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thats awesome! madison has been potty trained for about 3 months now. what a relief! now i am going get get my 18th month old started since she has shown a lot of interest after watching her big sister!

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That's awesome Lily!! I have a week's holidays coming up so Makenna and I are gonna do a potty training boot camp.......Wish us luck!!

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wow yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still working on the pooping part,,,, still not pooing on toilet after 2 months of training......................:help1::help1::help1::help1:

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That's awesome! How's it been going since then?

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Liberty is doing really well with the potty and has been for a couple of months. She doesn't go during nap time, and only wears a pull up at bed time! I'm just hoping this sticks for when we go on vacation next month!