update on Jocelyn 5/9

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update on Jocelyn 5/9

It's been a while since I've updated you ladies...

Jocelyn is now seeing things and excitedly sharing them with us. Still zero pointing, but her general attention to the world around her has really taken a leap forward this past week. Tonight she saw the moon and practically yelled "moon!" at Brian and I and kept looking at us, then at the moon, at us, back at the moon, etc.

Big stuff happened at the park over the weekend. She saw a bird on the fence and ran right toward it yelling "tweet tweet!" When the bird flew across the playground, she followed it. She's never had the attention span to do this before!

She also went to my purse to rummage through to look for a sippy cup. When she didnt' find one, she looked right at me and said "drink?" It was the first time she ever requested anything from me that wasn't immediately in front of her. Totally awesome.

She can now stack 10 blocks, put small toys in a cup, put pegs in a peg board, etc. Her close-up visual attention has really improved in the last few weeks, and her demeanor seems a bit calmer. She is by no means calm (still a crazy girl!), but she's definitely taken a step in the right direction.

Pretend play continues to come slowly. She has a doll that talks that she is just enchanted by and we think she makes the doll dance. She also has taken to moving around some plastic bears like she might be pretending with them.

She is regularly combining two words now. Still mostly bye bye plus a noun, a color word plus a noun, a number plus a noun, or more plus a noun. But, more novel combinations are coming. Tonight when she was looking at the moon she said "moon night night," which was something we've never said to her, so she combined it on her own. I'd say she has about 100 single words at this point, mostly approximations, but all with meaning.

She is following a few more directions now. Still nowhere near normal on this, but there is definitely some verbal communication responses now. She can go bye bye, go night night, go downstairs, go upstairs, roll over, give mommy, give daddy, kiss mommy, kiss daddy, and maybe a few more simple things. It's amazing how just that little amount of communication can ease some stress in a family.

So, she is doing well. Still behind, will still need special education preschool in the fall, but we are becoming more and more confident that she will be all caught up by kindergarten.

Now we're starting to focus a little more on Elliott's development. He is not blowing away the development charts, either. However, he has totally different issues than Jocelyn. He babbles like a pro, has back and forth "conversations," and makes all kinds of sounds. No real words yet, but I don't sense they are that far away. However, he is 13 months old and does not have a pincer grasp yet. He will only eat purees or soft foods (toddler pasta, bananas, etc) that we feed him on a spoon. He does not feed himself at all, although he uses a sippy very well and held his bottle way before Jocelyn was ever able to. I'm going to hold off until 18 months and see how he progresses, but if his fine motor skills are still so far delayed and his eating and self-feeding aren't getting any better by then, we're going to put him in early intervention as well.

We have Jocelyn's IEP meeting at the end of the month. Then she'll be all set for preschool in the fall. It will feel good to have that all taken care of.

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. Smile

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Yay! Jocelyn is doing great. Her talking sounds exactly like Alexander's. He's got another appointment on Thursday morning so I'll update on that when he's been.

Alexander still don't eat crunchy food really. Only if it's something like cereal or a cookie will he eat it. He (obviously) doesn't eat purée but he'll only eat grated carrot etc. Tobey is happily trying to chew anything and not bothered by texture

Anyway...Jocelyn sounds like she is doing really well. I love your updates

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Sounds like you have your hands full. Your kids sound more and more like all the kids we know.

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Glad Jocelyn is progressing!!

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Sounds like she's doing great!

2 kids is exhausting and I'm totally there with you Biggrin