update on Jocelyn 9/25

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update on Jocelyn 9/25

Hi, ladies. It’s been awhile!

Jocelyn is now in developmental preschool 5x per week, 3 hours a day. Her class has a teacher, and aide, and four kids including Jocelyn. She is the only girl. We are absolutely thrilled with the program. She eats lunch there every day, too. Her teacher is amazing and is so wonderful at managing Jocelyn and we are just so excited to see what progress this year brings for her.

Her speech is still behind, but it’s better. She can combine two words spontaneously pretty well. She uses a lot of phrases, but mostly they are memorized phrases like “Let’s go Daddy!” or “I did it!” She does use an occasional spontaneous three-word phrase, but this is what we are working on. Our goal by the end of this year is to have her using spontaneous three and four word sentences regularly.

Her understanding is improving but still not at a normal level. She is following more commands (throw it away, give Elliott a kiss, etc) and we do see a big difference in her ability to do this.

Her teacher tells us that she is attempting to interact with the other children in her class, which we are thrilled about. She also tells us that she is behaving very well at school and that they are able to manage her well – she has thrown a few chairs in frustration, but she responds well to their time-out policy and has not had any big tantrums at school so far.

All in all, we are very happy with her progress. And we are still on our way to having her mostly caught up by kindergarten, which is our goal.

Elliott is doing okay, too. He continues to refuse to feed himself and will only accept soft foods from a spoon from an adult. He eats plenty and his weight is fine, but we are pursuing OT to help with this. His fine motor skills also need some work. At 18 months, he is finally walking pretty well – a little shaky, but he can get across the room. His language development appears to be on a similar path as Jocelyn’s, so he’s in speech therapy 2x per week now, too. He does not have her hyperactivity issues, though. He’s pretty laid back and content, almost too chill at times. Smile

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m going to post some pics of my kiddos in their Halloween costumes, just because we tried them on today and they are just too cute! Smile

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Aww, they look SO cute in their costumes!!!

I'm glad they are both making good progress. I bet Jocelyn loves being at pre school.

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They look adorable in their costumes! I love that cupcake costume!

Yay for their progress! Let me tell you, Jocelyn is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of Jakey in terms of speech - we are still only on 1 word at a time! She is coming along great!

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So happy to hear about their progress! They look way too cute in their costumes! We have the dragon one. It should fit Sully this year Smile

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Wow that is a lot of improvement! Glad all is getting better!
Love those costume SOO cute!
Hunter's gonna be Woody this year...

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Sounds like wonderful improvement! I'm sure you're so proud of them both. And they are adorable in their costumes!

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So glad to hear that they're doing so well!!