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Update on Us

Things are really getting better. We still have a very, very long road, but it is looking good. Thanks again for everything ladies!!! Here is a copy of my facebook post tonight:

Torey is now in a transition room. It's kind of like a small apartment. We have a bathroom with a shower, kitchen with fridge and microwave, and the room is big with 2 recliners that fold into a bed. And just what does this mean? It means we are going home soon!! Now the dr's want someone to be here with Torey as much as possible to learn how to take care of him. It's good for us to do it now so that we have the support of the nurses and will be more comfortable once we go home.

Right now I am sitting in our new room waiting for the results of Torey's x-rays. They took him for new ones of his hip this afternoon in hopes of it being better. I'm not sure if the dr is even still here so we might not find out anything until tomorrow, but I'm hopeful! If the dr feels his hip is ok, then our lives just got a whole lot easier. Right now we are having to constantly remind Torey to stay off of his left leg and he doesn't always listen. Him being able to stand on his own again will be awesome!!!!

I was able to go to therapy with Torey. He has speech theapy at 8am, physical therapy 9-10, more speech at 10:30, and occupational from 11-12. It was good to see what he can do. I also go to talk to his dr and she feels he is doing really good and shared som stories of other patients. Soon my Torey will be home and back to his old self.

I do have a sad story though. Earlier today Torey was arguing with me that I wasnt Jennifer. I was Jenny. He didn't understand how I was the same person. He kept saying that he has "all of these memories and nothing makes sense." He kept saying that Jennifer was his wife and worked at Target in the bakery. He asked if we still had twins and commented on the picture of me and the boys. I told him it would be ok and all he needed to remember right now is that I love him and will always be here for him.

Tomorrow I will get trained on how to help Torey with everything and go to therapy with him again. I will also talk to the case manager and start setting up outpatient therapy (at least I hope to get this figured out). But please pray that the xray shows that his hip is ok and he can start putting weight on his left leg! Thanks!!

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You are in my thoughts often, Jenny. Many continued prayers coming your way. :bighug:

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A lot of therapy he needs will be at home playing with the boys, getting back into a routine, etc.

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Sounds like his therapy is helping, and that's great news about going home soon! Always thinking of you!!

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I'm so glad to hear he's getting better! I'm sure there will still be tough days and challenges along the way, but it sounds like you guys are on the right path.

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Glad he's getting better. I'm always thinking of you

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You are often in my thoughts Jenny... HUGS!!
Hope all is good with the x-ray results.

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I still think of you and your family often. Glad to hear that Torey is making progress anf will be home soon!

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I'm glad he is doing better and will be home soon! ((((HUGS))))

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I hope you can have him at home soon. Glad he is doing better.