We are having a......

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We are having a......

GIRL!!!! So excited to buy pink! Been so used to blue that I am having a hard time adjusting! So excited. Name will probably be Audrey Elizabeth.

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I'm so happy for you Nichole!!! Congrats and love the name!!

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Can't believe you far enough along already to be finding out the sex!!!! And congrats on a girl!!!

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Congratulations! Shopping for a girl is so much fun.

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That is WONDERFUL news!!!! I love how these things work out!

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Congrats Nichole!!!! That is sooooo exciting Smile Love her name!!

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"rubber_da_glove" wrote:

Can't believe you far enough along already to be finding out the sex!!!! And congrats on a girl!!!


Congrats!!! How very exciting! That Little girl will be so spoiled by her brothers!

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This is what I get for not checking in here ever. I had no idea!! I knew there was a reason I was thinking about you lately.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm super excited for you!

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Yay! I'm so excited for you. It will be so much fun to have a girl and she will be very lucky to have two big brothers to take care of her.

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Congrats, Nichole!! So happy for you!

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Congratulations! Girls are lovely. Well, so are boys, but I know more about girls!

Lovely name, too.

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Yeah! A mini-Nichole with two older brothers to watch over her. Congrats!!