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weekend plans!

What's everyone up to this weekend? Anyone doing anything fun for the 4th of July or Canada Day (right, does Canada have a holiday this weekend too?)?

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We have no plans this weekend. DH does have 3 days off though, so that will be nice. I'm sure we'll find some fireworks to go to at some point, but it's just so hot that I'm not too interested in doing anything outside for too long unless it involves a pool Wink

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No plans... I have 4 days off, and DH will have 3 and might get out early today. We're just gonna relax here at home, maybe grill out, get some yardwork done... maybe get some fireworks. That sounds like a pretty amazing weekend to me.

My grandmother passed away last weekend so we are already planning a trip to MI next week so we didn't want to also spend money on something this weekend too, so that's part of the reason we arent doing anything spectacular this weekend.

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Yep, we have a long weekend here too! Although for us the holiday is today, July 1st.

We don't have any major plans, maybe just to go down to the public park that's along the river, they have a play area there for little kids with fountains they can splash in, and then Claire can have an ice cream cone.

Other than that we want to get some yard work done, but it's been raining so much the last week I'm not sure it's dry enough!

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We have nothing planned really. One of DH's good friend is in town and invited a bunch of people to his parent's cottage on Sat. We will probly go by boat if it's nice out.

We may visit my Mom where she is camping too on Sunday... again if it's nice out.

Today DH will be building Hunter's new park for the backyard (GIVEN away by some peeps who doesn't want it anymore!!!) YAY!

And we are playing bball on Monday...

So that's about it. We will look at the fireworks from our patio at home DH and I while having a beer while Hunter sleeps!

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Not a lot. We will probably be going to our closest stately home as they have JUST (today) finished filming it for Wayne Manor for Batman and DH is over excited. (It is quite exciting. He happened to be working at the hotel the stars were staying at today and got a few shots of them checking out :lol:) We went the day before they closed it to do the filming and saw lots of set bits

But nothing much else I'd imagine

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No big plans here either. DH is working nights. Makenna and I have been invited to a cookout tonight and we may go as long as it's not raining and if Makenna is behaving herself. She is being a bit of a brat today.

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I have to work every day, even on the 4th until 9PM, but DH is going to wait for me to get off and we'll just shoot off late fireworks with the kids!