Weird Chart...Help! *Updated*

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Weird Chart...Help! *Updated*

I originally posted on the "anything Board" but things are quiet over there. Would you ladies look at my chart and tell me what you think? I think the crosshairs are WAY too early, as I am having O pains now, on day 11, which makes more sense to me. Based on O pains, I think I ovulate around day 12, since DD was born. I used to be late, now I'm early.

Have you ever had crosshairs move after they first appeared? Either way, DH and I are covering our bases - DTD every other day, starting on the day of the crosshairs, and we will continue through day 16, I think, just to be safe.

ARGH! Charting stinks when it gives you weird results!

UPDATE - Now my crosshairs are dotted. I had this with DD's chart, too. I'm confusing FF I think. Smile Oh well, just means more "practice" this month with DH to make sure something happens.

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I don't know much about charting but it does look like you O'd early

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I've had my crosshairs move before, but your other signs look pretty consistent with O signs. You might just be having an odd month? That's happened to me before - sometimes an odd month pops in amongst the trend, nothing to worry about. Just "cover your bases" like you said Smile

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I posted on your thread over there as well... I don't know anything about charting, but I wanted to wish you the best of luck anyway!