What's your 2 year old saying these days?

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What's your 2 year old saying these days?

What funny things are your LO's saying these days? Or anyone have any cute/funny stories about your LO?

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Ryken is all about noises these days. He's constantly saying 'didja hear the airplane, car, truck, cop car, big boom, ect..' Then we'll say 'Yeah, we heard the airplane, did you hear the airplane?' and he'll reply 'I heard the airplane!'

Another thing Ryken does that is cute is he'll say 'two, two' when there is two of something. Like he'll say 'Mama's eyes' then he'll point to them and say 'two, two!'

There's definitely more and I'll post them when I can think of it.

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Alexander doesn't say much..most of the things he says are in his own language or noises.

But anyway...He has started telling everyone when someone has farted. He says the name of the person then points and makes a fart noise :rolleyes: We were in ToysRUs on Monday and he was yelling "dad dad (fart noise)" Everyone was staring at him Lol

If he sees anything to do with the police he'll shout "dad dad" (DH is a cop...)

He is obsessed with guns :rolleyes: But we have got him to think they are freeze rays from Despicable Me. He's got a toy drill and he keeps "freezing " us. So we stay still and he has to come and kiss us to unfreeze us

And he's just learned the word "more". He's been asking all week for "more" and sign for ice cream/cake/cookies..sigh

There is bound to be more

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Oh geez! How embarrassing in public! Haha, so funny Lol Ryken likes to say Hi to everyone, like EVERYONE! And people will be like 'oh, what a sweet little boy' ummm, no he's a little monster in disguise! Biggrin

I haven't let Ryken get a gun yet, but DH keeps bugging me to.

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He hasn't got any guns. He's just seen them on films and wants them. But it's really discouraged at school so I'm trying not to let him but everything then remotely gun shaped is now a gun. Even a pink toy hair dryer at play group :rolleyes: Lol

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Claire loves to run up to people and say "whatcha doin' in there?" It's so cute, because she might be standing right next to you! She'll say the name of the person first, too, like "Grama, whatcha doin' in there?"
She also is on a colour kick. She's known her colours for a long time, but now she goes around pointing at stuff, saying "what colour is this?" and then she'll answer her own question Smile
She is also a total Dora nut, so she'll count her fingers, and then say, "count your fingers in Spanish!" and then she'll count them again in Spanish Smile
She does/says so many cute things now it's so hard to get mad/stay mad at her - even her tantrums...she's got such a pathetic face on that I inevitably start laughing! I try not to let her see that though - so she thinks I'm being serious Smile

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"rubber_da_glove" wrote:

But anyway...He has started telling everyone when someone has farted. He says the name of the person then points and makes a fart noise :rolleyes: We were in ToysRUs on Monday and he was yelling "dad dad (fart noise)" Everyone was staring at him Lol

Haha Sarah, that's funny!

Lily's favorite phrase right now is "I do it!" And don't even think of trying to help her. :rolleyes: Also, she's got the "mine!" thing down - my cookie, my cup, my chair, my Lucas (my favorite :D). And it's really cute when you give her something. She says "thank you, you're welcome!"

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Kate has started calling me "Mom" instead of "Mommy" just in the last couple of days. I don't like it, lol. She'll say, "What are we gonna do, Mom?" as we're eating lunch or something. And every day at nap- and bed-time she goes on and on about missing someone. If DH is gone she'll say, "I miss Daddy." If he's home it's, "I miss Grammy and Papa." She gets so pathetic with it. She will even get out of the bed and cry, then you ask her why she's crying and it's because she misses someone EVERY time. She also likes to go around the house and point to the baby stuff that we already have set out and says, "This is for baby Anderson, this is for baby Anderson to sleep, this is for baby Anderson to swing." It's cute.

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Makenna LOVES to go to church with her Nana. Every day she wakes up and says "church with Nana??" even if it's Tuesday, Its so cute!!

She also says "hi" to everyone.

Her newest thing (and I have no idea where she picked this up) when I say "no" to her she starts screaming " OW OW OW". We were in the grocery store last week and Makenna said "cookies mommy?" I said we have cookies at home, no cookies today. She started screaming "OW OW OW" at the top of her lungs, people were staring..... it was awful!!!

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Veronica- That's funny! Ryken is wanting to do everything by himself too. He doesn't like to hold our hand going down the stairs from our apartment and he always needs to get into his carseat himself.

Beth- Oh, that would make me sad too if Ryken started calling me Mom Sad He's always called me Mama and DH Dada. That is super cute about her labeling Anderson's stuff!

Suzy- I'm waiting for Ryken to do something similar. People probably already think we're kidnapping him when we leave the park :rolleyes:

Ryken's new thing is "I did it!" He'll say it when he catches a ball or does something good, but he also took his diaper off and peed on the floor the other day during nap time and I said 'why did you pee on the floor?' and he says 'I did it!!' he was so proud. Ugh!

He also likes to say 'Well, Hi!' every time he sees you. DH informed me that I say it all the time to the boys, so that must be where he picked that up!

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Hunter says a lot of crazy things!! He repeats a lot of stuff he hears! His thing for the past couple of weeks has been to tease us. Like if we ask him: What's Mommy's name: He will say Gaetan Maman!! And if we ask him: What's Daddy's name: He will say Vicky Papa. Or Hunter Papa. And he will call himself Gaetan Bébé.
He knows the real thing but he says it and then laughs!!
He does the same with his colors. He knows his colors for a long time but sometimes he feels like teasing us so he will point at a color, lets' say red and he will say blue and starts laughing, crazy kid!! Lol
That one of the things he does, he is a pretty funny little man!! Takes after his Dad.

ohh and he LOVES 4 squares so he always says Roll Call: Matito!! Lol

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Hi (to anyone and to anything)
Bye Bye Daddy
Bye Bye Mommy
Bye Bye Baby
Night Night (followed by a fake snore!) -- this is our favorite!

We've heard her say "Mine!" a few times. We always doubt that she really said it, but it's getting to be where it's been too many times in the right context to be a coincidence.

Today at the end of speech therapy she started saying "uh oh" to me over and over and then had a fit in the waiting room. We walked out the door of the office and she went running down the hall to the elevator and starting shouting "uh oh" at it. She was saying "ELEVATOR!" It just came out as "uh oh." She also says "uh oh" in the right context when she drops something, so I didn't connect it to the elevator in my mind, but once I realized it today, I think she's been doing this for two weeks! Smile

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Dominic tripped on a step once and fell, and Luke ran to him and said what sounded like "are you dead?" LOL

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"Be right back!"
"I did it!"
When asked was the turtle says, he says "Ribbit, ribbit."
"Mine!" is also a favorite around here, though we make it a game.
Luke says "bye" to everything including inanimate objects.

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Tiffany- Ryken says bye to everything too. Bye, car! Bye, pee! (when flushing Lol

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Jamie - Kaiya does the fake sleeping too. It is so cute! She pretends to sleep and snore and then yells "wake up!" and gets up. She also loves it when we pretend to sleep so she can wake us up.

She is always walking up to people and asking "what doing?" and then we have to talk about what we are doing.

Her big thing right now is letters. She loves the show Word World and is learning all about letters from it. She is obsessed! She walks around the house saying random letters - r g k! r g k! - and then yells "we did it!" because she made a word. Or "built" a word like they do on the show. Then she sings the little song that they sing. She loves lining up all her foam letters and magnets to make "words" (rjskwl and stuff like that). She is actually getting pretty at identifying them too.

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Liberty is talking up a storm! I can't believe how much her vocabulary has developed since her b-day Dec. 11! Full sentances now... but my fav thing is when she says, "Mom, I go pee-pee on the potty chair!" Those words are music to my ears lol!

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