Where is EVERYONE?????

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Where is EVERYONE?????

Come out, come out and play girlies! This board is waaaaaaay to dead lately Sad

Not much going on here! We are full of sickies :roll: The older kids are super excited for Halloween and Jakey loves looking at all the pumpkins but so far is not liking putting his costume on so we'll see how Halloween night goes LOL. We've joined The YMCA so we've been busy with tons of activities for the older kids and working out and fitness classes for me! I'm loving it - i get to work out (which I totally miss) and I get ME time!! Win, win Wink

What is everyone else up to???????

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Sorry the kids are sick, Melissa! That's the one thing I don't like about fall/winter season! My older two have snotty noses, but thankfully it's just that for now. I'm praying to make it through the rest of the year with healthy kids. That's great you are getting to work out! I miss BLC...you'd be racking up the points!

We bought a huge pumpkin and DH is going to carve it with the kids (I had a mishap with an exacto knife carving a pumpking the first year we were married, so I will be watching from the sidelines:)). Kate is going to be Strawberry Shortcake for Halloween and she looks super cute in the costume. She doesn't even need the wig with her strawberry hair! Smile The older two get to go to their preschool for a fall festival party and walk in a little parade in costume on Monday. Hayden will be a firefighter and Anderson is going to be Yoda (thanks, DH :rolleyes:).

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Not much going on here really. Alexander also doesn't want to wear his Halloween costume. My mum altered it today in a hope he might wear it for the party we are going to tomorrow :rolleyes:

I will be calving my pumpkin on Sunday, I'm going to do the Jokers face which I found online and DH insists I do.

Well, I say nothing is going on, it's like I'm living with a stand up comic. Alexander was defiantly saving up talking until he could do it properly Lol Today he told my dad (who's 71!!) that he didn't want to be a girl because had a willy. My dad offered to cut it off so he could be a girl if he wanted :eek: (don't ask) but Alexander said that he would cut Grandads off instead. When my dad went to the toilet, Alexander went with him to make sure dad did still have a willy and insisted on showing everyone that he still had one too!!! I really don't know where he gets these weird ideas from.

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Yay finally a little action on this board!!
Melissa, I'm sorry your lo's are sick, Hunter has a cold too:(
Beth, Can't wait to see pics of Kate in her costume, she's gonna be just adorable.
Sarah, Lol Hunter says funny stuff like that too, we call him the little weirdo, Lol Not in front of him of course!

Here all is good, we are seriously thinking of conceiving #2!! but I'm still waiting for AF to return (CD 60)... never had a period since I quit the pill in Aug....

DH is starting a new job on Monday, more money, less hours and less driving, so all in all, way better!!

Hunter wants to wear is costume this year, yay! Last year I had to force him, it wasn't pretty:rolleyes:

We should all post pics of our lo's in costume after Halloween.

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I hope your kids are feeling better! I'm normally riding the fence between my two birth boards (not sure if I'll deliver in November or December!). I pop over here every week or so... but I'm here!

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I've been checking in every few days... just not a lot of new posts lately! Everyone must be really busy.

I have been preparing for graduate school. Getting excited as the time draws closer. Gonna make things really busy and hectic!

Melissa- Do you take the babies to the Y also?

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I'm here!

Life is nuts. Good. Better. Much better. But still nuts.

My job is more stressful this year for a variety of factors. My husband has taken on a more "lead" type role at his work, and that has been stressful, too, although very flattering for him.

I have been really making an effort to take both kids to the playground every day after I get them from daycare, and it has been great for their behavior at home in the evenings. It's hard because I'm tired at the end of the day, but worth it to let them run some energy off.

My six-month waiting period for my lapband weightloss surgery is over, my information has been submitted to insurance, and I'm waiting for their rubber stamp of approval. I'm hoping to have the surgery by the end of the year, and I'm super excited about it.

Glad everyone is still posting and doing well! Smile