WOW! The group is still here

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WOW! The group is still here

I am so so happy to see it's still here. I have not been on in ages. I was on Feb 06, Dec 08 and March 11. I was so busy with life that I did not have time to come here. I look forward to reading the latest on all the soon to be 4 year olds!

Erica, mom to Camille, Lily ( Dec 08) and Connor

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Glad your back!!

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Hi Erica! :wavehello: I think I remember you hanging around April '11 too, right? That group isn't around anymore. Sad Glad to see you back!

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I remember you! Welcome back!

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HI Erica, welcome back!!!

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Hi Erica!!! Good to see you Smile

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Hi, Erica! Good to see you here. I only recently came back myself but it's nice to see so many of the girls are still active here.

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Hi there!!!