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How are your LO's with writing and drawing? Alexander has zero interest in either. He can't even hold a pen/pencil properly. He can recognise shapes, numbers, letters and some words but it's like what his eyes see and his hand does are not connected. I'm obviously not expecting him to be drawing a masterpiece or writing words but you know those work sheets where you draw over the lines to copy shapes, well I sat down with him and showed him what to do and he did it for about 10 seconds, then scribbled on it, then told me I had to do it *sigh* I also asked him to draw a smily face and he did a half circle half square thing for the head, then stabbed the page repeatedly in two areas for eyes and did a sausage under the "face" for a mouth lol

I'm mainly asking because Tobey, (who is just 17 months old) draws with a purpose. Actually, their drawings are very similar :confused:

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Hunter likes drawing and writing BUT it's just lines and scribbles. He holds his crayon somewhat ok but he is not mastering it yet.

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Ryken likes to draw and color for short periods of time- like 5-10 minutes. He can draw a circle and he'll draw lines around the circle for arms and legs and he'll put dots in the circle for eyes. The nose and mouth usually end up outside of the circle somewhere, lol. Other than that, he can't write any numbers or letters. He doesn't hold a pencil correctly yet either.

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"VixB" wrote:

Hunter likes drawing and writing BUT it's just lines and scribbles. He holds his crayon somewhat ok but he is not mastering it yet.

Same here.

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Makenna likes to color in coloring books but has trouble staying in the lines. We have been working on letters and numbers and she will bring the crayons and paper and tell mommy or daddy what to write, she will help but won't do it on her own.

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Kate mostly still scribbles. When she's coloring in a coloring book, she tries to color things different colors, but it's not in the lines. I've seen her draw a circle and I've worked with her on her name, but she's not getting the letters at all yet.

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Liberty loves to color and draw (it's just lines) but I think that's mostly because DS2 is very artistic (DH is an artist, so that's where that comes from lol) and she always wants to do what he's doing! When we're out to eat and there's a little coloring book, it holds her attention for about five minutes, then she wants to watch Caillou on my phone lol...