Antibiotics :(

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Antibiotics :(

Boo! We continue to have problems with antibiotics working the first time with both girls. They are only on their second ear infection ever, but we are on our second round of antibiotics again. It took two rounds for Keira last time, and 3 rounds for Sarafina. The ped prescribed Omnicef this time. Sarafina had already been on Augmentin XS and Keira was just on amoxicillan. I am praying the new antibiotic works. These ear infections need to go. We didn't have them this early with DS, but with his allergies, we ended up having 4 ear infections in a year when he was btw 3 and 4. We almost had an ENT appt, but then the allergist got everything figured out. I am wondering if the girls need to see an allergist already.

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That sucks Mel Sad I hope this round works! I cannot imagine how frustrating that is. Maybe an allergist could give a bit of insight, especially since DS had that same issue? If your insurance pays for a visit, why not take them? Or if this round of meds work, you might even be able to wait till summer when you have a bit more time to take the girls. Hope those little twinkies feel better soon!

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That really stinks:( I have antibiotic reactions and Ethan's reacted to one of the two he's ever been on. I hope they're over it soon! Do you need a referral to see the allergist?