Anyone around to check in ?? 18 months!

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Anyone around to check in ?? 18 months!



New things (words, climbing, toddler beds anything!)?

Best parts of toddler-dom?


Anything else you want to share?

A picture?

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Weight? 26 pounds right about 50th percentile is where he evened out to

Height? 33 3/4" which is somewhere between 70-90th I think

New things (words, climbing, toddler beds anything!)? New words daily it seems! Today he finally strung 2 words together "bye bye Dada" which was cool. CRIB in this house lol he loves it and so do we. He LOVES to be outside and it's hard to keep him entertained inside now that he knows outside is so much fun! Our yard has just been REALLY buggy, sigh.

Best parts of toddler-dom? The interaction, understanding, activity and we have a really great set routine that makes life easy. Yesterday we shopped and stopped and got lunch and I felt like I had such a little boy with me not a baby

Struggles? Tantrums and the very strong willed desire to do what he wants lol Redirection....redirection....ignore.....most days he's good but occasionally YIKES

Anything else you want to share? Daycare is going well, he likes it there. Work/home combo is a good mix and he'll be a big brother in November!

A picture?

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Weight? K-20 lb., 10 oz (5th percentile), S- 17 lb., 13 oz. (not on the chart)

Height? K- 30 in. (10th percentile), S- 29.5 in (5th percentile)

New things (words, climbing, toddler beds anything!)? S sings everything. Her fave song is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Both girls talk a lot, they just aren't clear. The ped wasn't overly concerned yet with their articulation. Keira is climbing a lot.

Best parts of toddler-dom? Lots of interaction and play, so much fun! Watching the girls share and care for each other is the best!!!! I love it!

Struggles? I can do do without the tantrums and cryingX2!!!

Anything else you want to share? Not that in can think of right now.

A picture?[/QUOTE]

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Weight? Somewhere around 27-28 lbs.

Height? at his 15 month appointment he was 33.5 inches, and he's grown since then, so my guess is 34.5 or so?

New things (words, climbing, toddler beds anything!)? A ton of new words (one he picked up from me was ****. gah!) He says: up, down, upstairs, downstairs, slide, outside, doggie, mama, dada, nana, no, bye, hi, yes, woof woof, socks, shoes, eye, nose, head, ear, blocks, hello, "who is it?", ball, fishies, and probably a few others I am forgetting. Oh and uh oh. He's also quite a monkey-climbing onto the BACKS of the couches!!!

Best parts of toddler-dom? He loves his mama and will shower me with hugs and kisses just randomly during the day. I love that he's getting a fun personality and has a good routine set up, but is still pretty flexible.

Struggles? Oh my god is he stubborn. Really really stubborn. I also struggle with wanting him to explore his world and balance that with safety concerns. I really worry about falling of things, like the couch. He took a tumble backwards off it the other night and caught him by the leg and the back of his head was an inch off the wood floor! Yikes!

Anything else you want to share? He'll be a big brother in November. Still haven't told the whole world yet, waiting on that till the 20 week ultrasound. We've told family and close friends at this point.

A picture? I'll have to post one. Smile

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Weight? He's 11kg, so 24lbs I think.

Height? I have no idea, he'd be around the 80cm mark, 31/32inches.

New things (words, climbing, toddler beds anything!)? Lots of new words. He has two favourite books - twinkle twinkle little star and incy wincy spider (he calls them star and byder) which we read multiple times a day. We bought him a toddler bed yesterday which he will start using in the next few months in time for baby to arrive. He has learnt to jump, both feet off the ground. The latest and greatest is that he can blow out of his nose instead of his mouth when it comes to blowing his nose, lol.

Best parts of toddler-dom? His interaction with us and others. It just amazes me the things that he is learning

Struggles? His stubbornness and the tantrums which go along with that. If he doesn't get what he wants, geez the whole world knows! Ugh and he's starting to hit/push over other children

Anything else you want to share?

A picture?
Posing in his man tights.

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Weight? I think he was right around 27 pounds a month ago.

Height? Not completely sure, DH took him then lost the little update sticker they give us. I know he is in the 95th percentile.

New things (words, climbing, toddler beds anything!)? Just transitioned him to the toddler bed, going pretty well. I feel better that he's not climbing over the crib anymore. He's climibing on EVERYTHING else! Today his new trick was to climb up and over the gate that blocks the steps. I've moved it to hopefully stop him, but he keeps on trying.

Best parts of toddler-dom? Hugs, kisses, his face when it lights up when he learns something new. His fearlessness. How he loves watching Phillies games and music videos with me

Struggles? The tantrums. The climbing on everything. Worrying about him getting into something we don't want him to even if it is (or thought it was) way out of his reach.

Anything else you want to share? We are TTC for #2 for about 6 months now. Getting so frustrated. Then each month it doesn't happen I wonder if its for the best considering Connor just needs so much attention. I know it will change, but I also might be going back to school for my master's. So I feel guilty on wanting to bring another baby into that, then feel guilty for feeling guilty. Viscious cycle.

A picture? Oh do I ever....

....... I only got up for a second!

..........a whole box of Cheerios in 0.2 seconds

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Weight? I - 24lbs at 18 month check up, G - 26lbs

Height? I - 31.5in, G - 32.5in (I think!)

New things (words, climbing, toddler beds anything!)? Still not many words, we are officially speech delayed. Isaac says cracker, hot ("ha!!"), diaper, Nana, Dada, and Mama (sometimes). Gabe just says hot "ha". They are big climbers though! They like climbing over the back of the futon, usually one climbs and one stays put and they play peekaboo over the back of the futon! No toddler beds yet, they still jump and move all around in their cribs constantly.

Best parts of toddler-dom? Like everyone else said, the interaction! It's amazing to have two little people, people that walk, run, "talk", play, and learn things. I love playing with them and watching them learn new things.

Struggles? Holy tantrums, batman. They are both very stubborn, and FREAK out if you take something away from them (like a toy or something they got ahold of that they're not supposed to have). They are very good in public though, they seem to know that they have to behave if it's just me and them in the stroller. Also it is becoming impossible to change diapers because they kick and squirm and fight back!

Anything else you want to share? I should be getting an IUD here at the end of the month so I don't have to worry about any more little monsters! Also, the boys will be starting Early Intervention "school" in the fall, two days a week, two hours a day, for their speech delay!

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Weight? 26 lbs

Height?32 inches

New things (words, climbing, toddler beds anything!)? New words every day! Keys, cookie etc., climbing every where, she h

Best parts of toddler-dom? She is just soo darn cute. Still loves to struggle and finally sleeping through the night.

Struggles? Me me me me !!!! that is what she says all the time when she wants something. It gets really tiring.

Anything else you want to share? We are going to try for#3 soon, so wish us luck. Hopefully a April 2012 baby. Then we are done.

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