Birthday parties?

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Birthday parties?

Has anyone else started planning yet? Everything was so crazy last year that Gabriel never got a birthday party Sad We did some special things just the four of us but that's it. I emailed everyone already with the party date and have a theme in mind. After last year I want to make sure it actually happens!

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We planned a party last year...and then a blizzard hit and nobody could make it Lol
I've started thinking. I want to keep it small but we have quite a few friends with toddlers all around the same age and I know dh wants to invite a few (they are mostly his friends). I am pretty sure we're going with a Bob the Builder theme but haven't thought much about it beyond that right now.
We always do parties on Sunday afternoons, just works better for our families so it's a given that it'll be the Sunday before his birthday (birthday is the 13th so party will be the 11th) to keep it as 'far' from Christmas as possible.

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Yup I've actually been planning for a few months. But I make alot of stuff myself so I need to allow time for that. Were having a Minnie mouse party. I'm making her invitations, favor bags and favors. I get the little fabric bags from hobby lobby ( or make them myself) and iron on Minnie mouse and Mickey for boys. That way they have a bag they can keep. I fabric paint the kids name on it and fill it with goodies. This year I'm also making Minnie mouse ear head bands. So easy and so cute. I'm hoping to get a group picture of all the kids at the party wearing them. All you need is a plastic head band, black ribbon, craft foam, black felt and glue. All the kids are getting them, the girls will have pink polka dot bows.I got a Minnie mouse costume dress on clearance at the Disney store outlet so she will wear it. And im gunna make a cake to match the theme. I'm still looking at designs. I make all the cakes as I'm allergic to nuts so bakery cakes are a no-go.

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We had a fairly large party last year for his first birthday, so this years party will be a lot smaller in size.
We will have a new baby in the house also, so I cannot see myself going to the lengths I did last year, lol.
I'm thinking I will make a dinosaur cake and invite a few of his playgroup/daycare friends along with some family.

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I think we are planning to just have a party with immediate family. The girls won't really know and I would like to save bigger parties for when they are older and want to invite friends. I will probably bake a cake and we will just celebrate over Thanksgiving weekend.

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We will have a party with family and our daycare family. It will be pretty small. Zayne has decided he wants Buzz for his party...NOT Toy Story, NOT Woody, JUST BUZZ!

Well guess what? It's not easy finding JUST Buzz stuff.

Our YMCA does in-door parties for pretty cheap and they even do one that includes a bounce house so I"m going to look into doing that. Last year it was mostly for the adults so this year it needs to be about the kids...which means I need to find somewhere to have it!

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I started planning in August. I just need to start picking stuff up. We had a nice big one for her 1st birthday, this one we are just going to do a Small one of our parents and some close friends at our house. I would love to have another big one but I really don't feel like catering for 50+ people, Especially if I'm pregnant with #2 since we are trying.

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Megan congrats on #3!!!

We aren't planning anything major. We didn't do anything too crazy for his first and it will probably be very much the same for 2nd.

My family, DH's family, maybe a close friend or two if they want to come but with a new baby in the house we figure it will be the first time DH's family meets the baby so it will be kind of a combo meet the new baby, celebrate Evan deal. DH's family is large -- 3 sisters, 10 nieces and nephews and 2 parents -- not everyone makes it out but if even 7 of the 15 make it that's a large start then my family is smaller 5 or so people so we stick to family for now, when he has more friends and wants bigger we'll do it. For now staying home smaller scale with just family works well for us.