can I come back? + lots of pics

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can I come back? + lots of pics

I had this all typed out and my post didn't show up. So if it ends up showing up and this is repetative, please forgive me!!

Anyway-I don't know if anyone remembers me (probably not because it has been a long time since I have been here), but I was once a member of this board, and I'm hoping it is ok if I come back!!

My name is Kim-I have 2 boys-Lucas who is almost 4 and Quinton-my 12/09 baby!

Both of my guys are doing great-Lucas is at a really fun age and I love seeing him grow and learn. Quinton is my crazy boy. He is a giant-35.5 inches tall already! He started walking at 7.5 months and now he can say probably at least 100 words (he repeats EVERYTHING). It is REALLY strange hearing him talk so much because my oldest son had a speech delay and didn't say more than 10 words until he was nearly 3 (he even had speech therapy for a while). But they are both doing great!

This has been a tough year for us-my mom was diagnosed with cancer in March, and she lost that battle on May 24, just one month ago, at just 59 years old. I still cry (multiple times) everyday, and I'm sure I will for quite some time. It breaks my heart because she was the only grandma my boys had. I will miss her every day for the rest of my life.

But on a positive note, we are building a new house! It is fun and exciting as I've never been a home-owner before!! :D:D:D

Anyway I can't wait to catch up!! I'm off to read some posts. And, here of course are a bunch of pictures of my monkeys:

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Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about your mom, I can't imagine how hard that must be. Yay for owning a house though! We just finished ours in May, so I know how exciting it is!

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Welcome back! I'm so sorry about your mother, I cannot imagine how hard that must be. I'm glad you are building a house though, I bet it will be wonderful to be a homeowner! Your boys are so adorable and it sounds like they are doing great!

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Glad to see you back Biggrin I'm sorry about your mom. I know exactly how you feel. When I lost my Dad unexpectedly back in August 09 it was the hardest thing I ever dealt with. I still cry from time to time about it. Yay for the house Purchase. I know how great it feels. I still can't believe we actually own our own place. It's only a Mobile home but still it's a place to live and it's Ours Biggrin Best feeling in the world aside from being a Parent Lol