Chaotic Crazy Morning!

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Chaotic Crazy Morning!

Oh my! What a morning! So, it started off just fine. I got up, showered, got dressed, got the kids up, fed them breakfast, got them all dressed, and then chaos ensued. First, Sarafina pulled a flower off my sweater. So, I had to change my clothes. While Isaiah was feeding the cats, he noticed that my coat was knocked onto the floor. He picked it up and a cat had peed on it. Le sigh! So, I throw the coat in the washer and grab the kids' coats. When I get upstairs, I find cat poop in the middle of the floor. So, I pick it up with a kleenex and flush it. I turn around..and...SQUISH! I missed a piece! Eeeew! So, I have to take off my shoe, clean it off and grab a washcloth to clean up the squashed poop. I turn around and Sarafina has her fingers in the poop! Talk about a comedy of errors. Of course, I lose it at this point and I yell, "No, not the poop!, No, No!" I wasn't yelling at Sarafina, more just letting out my horror and frustration. I am almost in tears at this point. Sarafina is really sensitive, so she is sobbing. So, I go pick her up and she snots all over my new sweater. Lame! So, I have to changes clothes again. Now, I am on my third shirt. So, we all get in the car. I get the kids to daycare and realize that my son's backpack and lunch are still at home. I have to drive and get it. Finally, I leave for work, all frazzled and ready to cry in my car. I had to stop and pick up some Hostess Zingers to calm myself! Too bad I cannot taste them because my allergies are acting up and my sinuses must be too congested. I do not feel congested at all. Boo!

Oh, and to top it off, my DH is in FL. So, it was just me, by myself, trying to keep it all together this morning. The day has to get better, right?

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Oh Mel! Sounds like when DH gets back YOU need to go to Florida by yourself and leave him with the kids and pooping and peeing cats. *hugs*

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OH Mel :bigarmhug: I hope your day gets better from here!

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Ohhh :bigarmhug: but the visual of all of that if it weren't so hectic and real was really funny - like something you'd see on a sitcom Smile

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"kmm123" wrote:

Ohhh :bigarmhug: but the visual of all of that if it weren't so hectic and real was really funny - like something you'd see on a sitcom Smile

Totally, right? I laughed about it once I got to work. It is stressful in the moment. Once I have a chance to think about it, I am grateful that this is what I have to worry about in life. Crazy cats, wardrobe changes, etc.. After all, there are people that are worrying about a lot more in this world. It makes me sad to think about it all.