Cookie, cookie!

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Cookie, cookie!

Thank you Christmas and all of the holidays that come before and after for introducing my daughters to the deliciousness that we love called cookies!!! Yes, my girls want cookies at every meal. They ask for them by name. They chant it over and over again while waiting for nutritious dinners, and they attempt to forego said nutritious meals for cookies when they can. Last night, I even had to place a tiny bite of cookie on their plates to get them to eat dinner. ACK!!

Oh, and Keira had decided that birthday cake is awesome. She calls it "caked" and she asks for it for breakfast. "Pancaked" does not count as "caked" either. Bugger! S only likes cake without frosting, so she does not ask for it. Thank goodness for that!

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Lanie is a cookie freak. She goes through the little 100 calorie packs in no time.

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Thankfully, I've conviced my kids that graham crackers are cookies. They aren't super healthy but they are better than the actual cookies. My kids are strange though and would prefer an orange or apple over a sweet snack. That being said, as soon as Zayne is dressed in the morning he is over by the pantry begging for poptarts!!

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I call animal crackers "cookies." It has helped. My mom baked a ton of cookies for Christmas and NYE and they were in special tins. The girls knew the cookies were in those tins and whenever they see them, they chant "cookies" over and over again. We need to get out the graham crackers more often. Biggrin

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Oh yes we had the same thing here! 4 different people gave us cookies and Evan was begging for them. "cookie mommy?" or my favorite "Need cookie mommy" where he got NEED I have no idea. And then if I try to ignore the request or say no or maybe after dinner I get the sad eye stare and "pleaseeeee?" LOL Luckily we're out of cookies now and sincce we don't buy them there literally are none here so he has had to accept that. He is obsessed with "bars" -- which are generic store brand cereal bars (like nutrigrain bars). He eats at least 2 a day, those and pretzels are the snacks of choice here!

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Yup, Harley is just nuts over them too. She's more of a nut for Pop corn. Either the actual popcorn or the bags of the puffed corn that has cheese on them she loves. She will only ask for cookies if she knows we have them which is a good thing in a way. I just wish she would eat her veggies like she used to.