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I am calling daycare today to express some concerns, but I am considering a move from the girls' current daycare situation. Things have been going progressively downhill. My biggest complaints right now is that when I pick my girls up, they are in high chairs. Who knows for how long? Can you imagine? It just peeves me big time. There have been two occasions in the last week that the person working has left the young kids, ages 2 and under, in high chairs in the kitchen, and she has had Dr. Oz or the news on the TV in the play area. WTH? Shouldn't the kids be in there playing?

We have also had issues with both girls being bitten by another kid. I get that kids bite, and I get that it is hard to manage that behavior. However, good supervision and intervention when that child gets upset, BEFORE they bite is important. Obviously, that hasn't happened. This kid has broken the skin each time, so we have had to really watch the girls and make sure that they are okay. So, I guess IMO, it just isn't acceptable.

Wish me luck in figuring out what to do. We cannot afford to go up much in cost of daycare right now. The place I want to send the girls will be an extra $48 per week and that is with an employee discount because I am a Y employee and it is the daycare associated with our Y.

I am so stressed about this. Blah!

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SO sorry Mel! Evan has had 2 bite incidents -- 1 I was especially upset about because it had no incident report related to it. The first one was hardly a mark and they had an incident report so someone was right there. The second one was a pretty nasty bite (no broken skin but a red ring) and no incident report. I let them know and they did apologize. There are no TVs at Evan's daycare and no high chairs at all in the toddler room. he is actually at the Y in our area. It's not perfect but so far I've never been really upset with them. Daycare is so hard - home certainly isn't perfect (I probably let him watch way too much TV) but it's always hard when someone else is watching him! GL making a change, I don't envy you at all!