December 09 Spaces!!

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December 09 Spaces!!

Just thought I would start an December Spaces post since we are getting our BFP's in now Smile Take your place ladies!

Spaces are reserved for pictures of our growing bellies, ultrasound photos, and nursery shots.

* This is a NO COMMENTS thread. Please post your newest belly pictures to the general threads for comments.

* Reserve your "space" once you get your BFP and edit it each time you post a new picture. DO NOT create a new post for each new picture you are posting. Make a post ONE TIME and then EDIT it each time you'd like to add new pictures. Do this by clicking the "edit" button in the bottom right hand corner of YOUR post.

* Because this is already a picture heavy thread, please turn off your signatures. You can do this by unchecking the "Show your signature" button before your hit submit to post your message.

* Most importantly, POST PICTURES! We want to see those growing bumps and beautiful babies!

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Bump Smile

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missed miscarriage around 9 weeks Sad
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Miscarriage 3/31/09

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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=6] Rebecca and Baby Smile[/SIZE][/FONT]

Things are going good. It is a GIRL!!! I will have my girl and my boy! I cannot wait! I am just past half way because of my c-section date.......I have so much to do!

 Pregnancy Ticker

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:angel11: Gone to heaven

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EDD: December 3 2009

BFP March 28, 2009

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4 wk, 6 wk, 8 wk,10 wk, 12 wk 4 day, 14 wk, 16wk

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probably should've posted this first LOL

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BFP, 9dp3dt (12DPO)

Beta on March 30, 2009--142
Beta on April 1, 2009--377
Beta on April 3, 2009--1,206
Beta on April 6, 2009-- registered as "Greater than 5,000" no more every-other-day betas!! Yahoo

1st Ultrasound!

12 week ultrasound!

Belly Pics:

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Reserving a spot..

BFP - March 29, 2009

EDD - December 2, 2009

First Appt w/ u/s - April 23, 2009

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Carolyn's space!!! EDD December 4, 2009!

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1st Ultrasound 4/22/09

BFP: 4/1/09
EDD: 12/5/09-12/9/09 (somewhere in that range!)

4/22/09: Ultrasound- Everything looks PERFECT!! Saw strong little heartbeat!
5/20/09: 10 1/2 weeks, Will have another u/s to help determine due date


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Megan's Space


BFP- 4/1/09

May 6, 2009


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Rebekah's Space

EDD 12/6/09

DH and I in La Paz

BFP 3/28/09 13 DPO

HcG levels
4.6.09 (22 DPO)- 2364
4.8.09 (24 DPO)- 4732!
U/S 4/27/09- HB 173bpm

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BFP ~ 4-2-09 on Lucky Cycle #13 (always knew 13 was our lucky number. I met Dh on Friday the 13th)
Hubby & I @ his 3rd Homecoming from Iraq

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Angie's Space

Angie and DH (Josh) married 5.18.02 :love3:
DS Jonathan - 5.19.06
Baby #2 - EDD 12.4.09
Hoping for a healthy baby (but a girl would be nice ;-)) :babydustpink:

BFP on 3.29.09!

U/S @ 6wks 6days

Belly shots at 5weeks, 6weeks, and 9weeks

13weeks, 15weeks, and 19weeks

20 weeks

21 week Ultrasound....Hello Baby BOY!!!!

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Lost at 5 weeks...

I wish you all a HH9M!!!!!

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Glitter Text Generator at

In writing!

Our family at Xmas 08

My beautiful son

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Just reserving a space!

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Cece's Space!

BFP 4/8!

First u/s 4/17 - found out it's twins! Measuring 5w5d
Second u/s 4/24 - Twin A heartbeat 133, Twin B heartbeat 113
5/1 - Ultrasound because of bleeding - both twins looking great, heartrates at 155 - 160
5/13 - just met with the nurse. Good news is that my BP was looking good 122/77 (it was at 180/100 when I was induced with my son in Dec)
6/2 - 12 week checkup, BP at 120/80, down a pound, heartbeats at 152 and 158
6/8 - u/s - looking like little babies! Twin A heartbeat 142, Twin B 150

6/29 - 16 week checkup
7/20 - Big u/s

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Erin's Space:)

I'm Erin, 24 and DH, 25...we have a precious and fun son who will be 2 in May. He is our life and we cannot wait to make him a big brother.

GEDD: 12-20-09

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Melanie's space:

4/6-BFP-beta = 45
4/17-beta= 1354
4/20- u/s reveals twins!
4/29-Next u/s--saw heartbeats
5/4- beta = >165,000 u/s showed great heartbeats: Baby A-158, Baby B 160
Next u/s- 5/13

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Cynthia's Space

Cynthia & Isaac - February 2, 2007

DS Jacob - April 16, 2007

Baby #2 - December 12, 2009 EDD

+HPT - April 7, 2009

1st appt @ 13w2d - June 8, 2009
Heartbeat 156 bpm

U/S scheduled @ 18w3d - July 14, 2009 - Team surprise!

2nd appt scheduled @ 18w5d - July 16, 2009

Planning a midwife-attended homebirth.

First birth - family doctor-attended hospital birth, no interventions or meds, born naturally.

Still nursing my sweet toddler.

Temporarily living in Northern Manitoba; moving to Vancouver in the fall.

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Nicole's Space

Reserving my space

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OPKs and HPTs

12 week u/s

18wk u/s

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I made this widget at


Baby Names - Name Badge Ticker

[size=+5]ALL 12 BFPs[/size]:boogie:

[size=+5]THE WINNING CHART![/size]:cloud9:

Pregnancy Glitter Graphics from
[size=+5]MY FAMILY AND SUCH[/size]:bounce8:

The upper left hand pic is the first one ever of Mark and me. We were widowed 5 months apart. The upper right is my youngins. The little blondie is Devon, my little girl is Dorothy, and my oldest is Dylan. Mooey and Jager are the cats and Lancer is the 85 pound goofy fluff ball.

My Stick Family from

Stick Figure Family at
Make your Stick Figure Family at

:angel7: Rob: 9/14/74-3/2/08
:angel7: Amanda: 9/14/74-10/4/07

And we tied the knot on 5-16-09:kissy:


[size=+5]BELLY OH BELLY![/size]:hairraising:
4w 3d5w5d12w2d

A widow and widower's baby...Any bets it's gonna be twins?! :eek:
[size=+5]PEACH'S PHOTOS[/size]:cheese1:
OK, so it's not twins, but we do have a blinkie baby!

Six weeks, Three days

12 weeks, three days

Heart rate on 7/15 was 143!

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Baby in Heaven

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Pictures to come shortly! Smile

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Heather's Space

M/C April 19

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Darby, Quinn, and Dutch were born and lost August 22, 2009

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EDD- 12/06/09

13 DPO- HCG 65
Progesterone 56.4

20 DPO- HCG 742
Progesterone 59.8

27 DPO- HCG 7,052
Progesterone 55.2

30 DPO- HCG 10,166
Progesterone 59.2

First BFP 7 DPO!! The picture didn't come out right, so I waited until 9 DPO and scanned all three BFP's in at once, so the 7 DPO is a little yellow and pinkish, but it was never that way during testing. The order is 9 DPO, 8 DPO, then the bottom one is 7 DPO.

I have other pics and different tests, but this is good enough,lol!

First u/s!!!
April 16, 2009

Second u/s!!!
April 30, 2009.
Heart Beat 166!!!

Third u/s at 16 weeks and 4 days
June 25, 2009.
Heart beat 155!!

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BFP at 11 DPO, April 15th. EDD 12/25

DH and I got married in Yosemite on 10/23/04.

We have one son, Jacob, born 11/27/06.
Then & Now

First ultrasound 5/7: we have a heartbeat of 120!
Second ultrasound, 5/20: Heartbeat 182!
Third ultrasound, 6/1: Heartbeat 176, measuring due 12/24
First trimester screening u/s with peri, 6/10. Results are normal!
Big u/s 7/31: It's a girl!

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Brittany's Space.

4/28 - 1st Appt. Ultrasound
5/11- 2nd Appt. Hoping for a Heartbeat!

5 wks
5 wk bump
6 wks
6 wk bump
7 wks
7 wk bump

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[LEFT]BFP 4/16/09-

Tested again on 4/30/09 just because I wanted to see the darker lines. 6w3d

[COLOR=DarkRed]EDD 12/21/09[/COLOR]
Gender Prediction :sleepygirl:

- 08/03/2009

First Apt. (Office Visit) to make sure I'm preggo. Tuesday April 28th, 09 @ 9am. (DONE)
Notes: Peed in a cup to make sure I was indeed Pregnant. Went over Personal Medical & Family History on both DBF & I sides. Had a pap test & breast exam since I was over due for one. Had Blood taken for some blood work. Gave us some great info on some classes DBF & I can take down the road. Made sure we got all of our questions answered. Overall had a very wonderful Visit.

Second Apt. (Official Visit w/ a Dr.) we get to hear the Heartbeat & First possible U/S. Tuesday May 26th, 09 @ 2:40p.(DONE)
Notes: Nothing. All they had me do was pee in a cup, get weighed, and have my blood pressure taken. Dr. came in asked us some questions, asked if we had any then sent us on our way.

Third Apt. (End of the 1st Trimester Screening). Tuesday June 2nd, 09 @ 1:30p. (DONE)
Notes: Heartbeat, 176. Measurements are right on track with my EDD. Found a cyst on my left ovary which also looked like the one that got me pregnant. Said it should go away during/after the pregnancy but is going to keep an eye on it to make sure. Baby was very active during the U/S.

Will attempt someday to Update this better along with my Birth Story. 8/21/10

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M/C 4/22/09

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EDD: 12/4/09

Parents: Jesse 7.26.77 and Kristina 12.18.79, Married 8.18.01

Siblings: Ayden 12.18.01, Kailey 7.1.03, Ashlyn 6.11.05, Dylan 9.29.07

LMP- Feb 23
IUD Removal - Feb 26
Disney vacation - March 8 - March 15
Ovulation - March 13 (FRIDAY the 13th at Disney! Biggrin )
BFP - March 24

My Chart:

Ultrasound on 4/15

Heart rate - 130bpm - measuring 6w4d, right on for O date!

Belly pics coming soon!!

Ultrasound - 5/21/09 integrated screening
Ultrasound - 7/9/09 19w anatomy scan

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Glitter Text @"">

Glitter Text @"">

I got married on July 21 2007 and it was the most beautiful day of my life

I got my BFP this time at 9dpo on April 14/09 and my EDD is December 27/09.

I had a miscarriage in October of '08 and am hoping this one is nice and sticky so we can have our first child.

Here are my belly pics:

Make a pregnancy ticker


[LEFT]First Midwife Appointment ~ May 14/09 @ 9am: All went well, routine checkup![/LEFT]

[LEFT]Dating U/S ~ June 11/09 @ 6pm: All went PERFECT! Spyder was measuring 12W2D with a H/B of 161![/LEFT]

[LEFT]Second Midwife Appointment ~ June 15/09 @ 11:30am: Got to hear Spyder it was amazing ... she said the HB was in the 150's... and she said im definately larger then 12W... as of right now they say 12W5D but who knows! lol [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Third Midwife Appointment ~ July 23/09 @ 9am: [/LEFT]


11w4d measuring 12w2d
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My space here

I o'd on cd 16, which gives me a edd of dec 31st. But not only is the doctor going to induce me at 39 weeks (i'm already high risk with one preecclamptic pregnancy, and I lost twins in november 08), if we use my lmp-then we'll wind up inducing (31-7 is the 24th-no, no christmas eve baby, so 24-2 is the 22) on dec 22nd. Of course, that is contingent on how the u/s looks. I'll update soon-my first appointment will be around 6weeks lmp.


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Erin's Space

Got an unexpected BFP 4-17, with an EDD of 12-25. This will be our second; our son Phin is 2.

First appt. 5/14. Just answered a lot of health history questions and had pap/exam. MW said my uterus felt the right size for how far along I am (8 weeks). She attempted to find the HB with doppler, but had no luck.

First u/s 5/18. Saw the heartbeat! I think the rate was 178 bpm. Baby measured 2 days behind my LMP, but the Dr. said if I was sure on my dates, I could figure on my original due date. Dr. also said since my DS was so big (9lbs, 4 oz.) that I will be having a 36 week ultrasound to check on the size of this baby AND I could have a 16 week u/s if I wanted! Yay!

Monthly appt. 6/16. Everything measured fine. Failed 1 hour glucose test. They don't usually give this test until much later in the pregnancy, but since DS was so big, they had me take it early.

Monthly appt. and u/s 7/14. Got to see a great u/s of baby. Everything looks great so far. Found out I passed my 3 hour glucose test, so no GD. Quad test results haven't come back yet...they'll call in the next few days if abnormal. Doc advised I take Tylenol PM when needed to help me sleep since I can't seem to sleep well lately.

Monthly appt. 8/11.

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Kate's Space

Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at

Well, I am expecting my second now. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks along last year. I am waiting to tell the family this time, so only a couple people know yet. We'll probably wait until the second trimester hits to announce, since that will mean we are most likely in the clear.
My husband and I met in the Army in Georgia while we were both in training, and I moved down here to Louisiana to be with him. We were just married on May 9th of this year!

This pregnancy was a big surprise to both of us since we had been trying not to conceive just yet. (lol - oops) I had wanted to be sure to fit into my wedding gown in May hahaha! Turned out it needed to be refitted all over again, but the lady that did it was wonderful and did a gorgeous last minute job for me!
We have a 2 year old boy (Rowan) already and we are expecting boy #2. I was SO sure that it was a girl this time. I really wasn't wanting to have two boys, and when we found out I was pretty crushed. I cried for a couple days before I could really start to get used to the idea. I'm still a little bit sad that I won't have a little girl but I am looking forward to meeting this little guy too. And at least now Rowan will have a brother.

[size=+1]LINK TO WEDDING PICS[/size]


~James & I (our first dance) & Rowan~

[size=+1]EDD 12.17.09[/size]

[size=+1]~Baby Name Ideas~
First Names: Liam, Aiden
Middle Names: Cole, Shane,
Daniel, Dietrich, Kenneth, Samuel

[size=+1]~*ULTRASOUND PICS*~[/size]

13 weeks 6 days

20 weeks 6 days


~Pregnancy Story~
Okay, well to start with DH and I were wedding planning. We weren't planning on getting pregnant at the time and were actually not even DTD for 6 months prior to the wedding, partly because I wanted to be able to fit into my gown in May, and partly because it was something we had just decided to do. However, come March I started feeling a little nauseus, and some kind of bug had been going around so I didn't pay it any attention, but then I was late for af. So when DH and I were at the store, I surreptitiously dropped a box of tests in the cart. He saw it and laughed thinking I was joking with him. I didn't blink and kept on shopping. He goes "Are you serious?... But... how? I mean that's impossible!"
Well, when I got home and POAS, sure enough, got that pos. I showed him and he was floored. Turns, out we got a little too snuggly at one point and it got close enough for them little ninjas to sneak in there LOL. Never DTD, though. I didn't think it was possible, figured that was some story they fed to teens to keep them from it haha! (sorry for tmi but it's a funny part of the whole story) I joked with him that it's not fair that I am doing the time and I didn't even do the crime! But I'm really ecstatic about this pregnancy! Couldn't be happier.
Didn't exactly fit into my wedding gown in May though, had to have a friend who is a bridal seamstress redo the back into a lace up corset type thing so I could fit myself into it! Took DH a while to be happy about all this, but he's finally there. Smile

November 22 - December 21
Planet - Jupiter
Element - Fire
That happy-go-lucky child in the play circle is bound to be a Sagittarius. These carefree tykes march to their own drummer, and yes, they will walk early! They'll also be beating a path to everywhere, since they love to explore. Independent and free-spirited, it's imperative that the Sagittarius baby have lots of room to roam. Confined spaces are a disaster for these wandering souls, so they'll simply flail about until they can get out. The good news in all this is that the Sag baby won't have to be entertained every second of the day. That said, be sure to keep tabs on them in public places, as they could easily wander away! Above all, the Sag baby loves to explore, whether it's a new toy or a new friend. No fear here! This kid is a sponge, soaking it all up with relish. Thankfully, this child will know how to make friends and can be counted on to have lots of them. They love being part of a group, whether it's at home or out in the big, brave world. And it's that world they want to see, which may be why it's so easy for this baby to hit the road. Whether by train, plane, or the high seas, the Sag baby will travel better than the rest. To sum up, the Sagittarius baby needs freedom, has a curious mind, and is forever on a journey of discovery. Happy trails!

4/16 BFP @ 5 weeks along (e.d.d. 12/17/09)
4/24 (6wks) brown spotting (not too worried yet)
4/25 (6wks 1d) continued brown spotting, not a lot though
4/26 (6wks 2d) no more brown spotting, whew Smile
5/6 (7wks 6d) told my family because I am showing very visibly and no sense trying to put it off hehe
5/7 (8wks) very small pink streak when wiping one time, but probably due to this being normal period time
5/8 (8wks 1d) no more streaking at all Smile back to normal, and still plenty of nausea too
5/9 *~*Got Married!*~* ^_^
5/22 (10wks 1d) red streaks but mostly likely caused by DTD the night before
6/17 (13wks 6d) first Dr.s appt - everything looked great - first ultrasound - they kept my original due date for Dec 17th.
7/17 (18 wks 1d) normal checkup visit - everything looks good - baby's heartbeat is right on!
8/5 (20wks 6d) It's a boy! Heartbeat was at 146, he weighs just under 1 lb, everything looks good.

Upcoming Stuff:
next appointment on Sept 3rd

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Posts: 1

Just reserving my space! I am due Dec 19th. Currently 5.5 weeks with our number one! Smile

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

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Amanda's space!

EDD: December 2nd
3/23/09 positive HPT!
3/23/09 serum HCG 37
3/25/09 serum HCG 94
4/10/09 6-week ultrasound at RE's office, baby's heartrate was 130 and measuring 6 weeks, 4 days
5/21/09 first OB appointment

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Hi I'm Nicole(23) and DBF is Lloyd(23) we found out on April 9 2009 that we would be welcoming our first child into the world due in December 2009. I am a rental car sales consultant and DBF is a surveyor at an underground coal mine. This was an unexpected pregnancy and we had been considering adoption as we thought we weren't ready to raise a child. After a while I decided that yes I was ready and gave my partner an ultimatum to either leave or raise our baby together. I'm happy to say that he choose to stay and he is so thankful he did - he loves being a dad and loves his baby boy. We are still adjusting to life with a child and responsibility, its a big change but we are both happy it happened. I could not imagine life without Taine.

3D imaging - first glimpses of our little man.

17/04/09- Doctors appt to confirm the pregnancy.
20/04/09- Blood work taken
27/04/09- First u/s today, healthy baby and heard heartbeat.
12/05/09- First midwife appt.
04/06/09 - Second u/s scheduled.
17/06/09- Second midwife appt.
15/07/09- Third midwife appt.
24/07/09 - The BIG U/S scheduled

Around 2am of the 2nd i woke up with contractions at about 8-10 mins apart but they didn’t progress into anything other than an ongoing menstrual like cramp. Went to the bathroom a couple hours later where i had my bloody show (sorry tmi) and then tried going back to sleep – ended up watching Wall-E because i couldn’t sleep. Decided to ring the midwife that morning and she asked me to pop into the birthing centre, DBF packed the car and we were away. Midwife preformed a membrane sweep and told me that we were only at 1 ½ cm dilated, but she did expect me back in 8- 10 hours time to have baby.

Spent the day doing some last minute things around the house and then put my feet up. Around 7pm the contractions started back up again, but this time it was the real thing by 9pm they were around 6 mins apart, rung the grandmas-to-be ( it’s an hr drive) and got in touch with my midwife. By 12pm the contractions were 5 mins apart and my midwife was paying us a home visit to make sure we wouldn’t be turned away. She had another wee look and i had only progressed another ½ cm. She left the room and when i sat up i felt a pop and a pool of water came out. I yelled out for the midwife to come back and check and sure enough my bag had broken, had a quick shower and we headed to the birth centre.

By 3am on the 3rd contractions were almost becoming unbearable as i was experiencing back labour, i had 4 injections of water straight under the skin to ease the pain, it only lasted ¾ of an hour and the pain returned. By 4am I decided that i wanted to jump into the birthing pool to see if the water would help. I ended up staying in the pool the rest of the labour and proceeded to have a natural water birth. I was fully dilated by 730am and ready to push. Pushed for 50 mins, only experienced one small tear and our wee boy made his grand entrance December 3rd at 8:47am weighing 8lb 8oz, was 21 1/3 inches in length and had a full head of hair. He scored 8 and 8 on his Apgars, and the only thing they found was he was tongue tied and made a small snip so he could breast feed properly.

3 Dec 2009 - Welcome to the world Taine
8lbs 8oz


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Dot's Space

EDD 11/29/2009
Lost one 10/2007
Married to Sergey from 4/29/2009 :lovebed:

Here is the positive test, taken in the loo at my office. Was thrilled to see the "pregnant" line soooo dark!

Here is my first tummy pic, taken at nine weeks. I'm chubby and most of that tummy is me, not the baby, not yet! But I look forward to seeing that change.

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My boyfriend of 5 years and I are expecting our first babies. I have two angels already, one from November of 2007 and one from September of 2008. We're young (he's 23 and I'm 24) but as ready as we'll ever be! Our "kids" are our two cats, Roxy and Eddie. We are so excited to be on this journey.

My BFP on 4/21/09

Belly pic at 5 wks 1 day, and 11 weeks

16 weeks 1 day and 18 weeks 4 days

22 weeks

U/s pic at 8 weeks...HOLY CRAP THERE ARE TWO!

5/14/09 - Day that changed my life forever, found out it's twins!
7/17/09 - Baby A "Moops" is a boy!!!!!
8/7/09 - Baby B "Boops" is also a boy! Two boys!!!
9/10/09 - Hospitalized bedrest for early effacement (11 mm cervix)
9/14/09 - Sent home on complete bedrest for the remainder (9mm cervix)

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10 DPO 3/26/09 a very light line

10 DPO the magic word

13 DPO a dark line


4/1, 16DPO: 792
4/6, 21DPO: 4869


4/4 measured 9 w 0 d HB 166!

5/28 b/c doppler wouldn't pick up hb. Everything appears normal!

6/25 heard heartbeat for the first time!

7/9 anatomy scan ultrasound HB 140, measured ahead at 19 weeks and our LO is a BOY!!!

7/22 Baby was normal in u/s pics and quad screening was normal but the placenta is very low. Set up a level II u/s to check placenta's position. Heartbeat was good.

8/6 Level II u/s looked good. HB strong. Low placenta but nothing covering the cervix!

8/20 office visit. Heartbeat was strong. Weight gain 9 pounds! Everything normal, next appointment scheduled for 3 weeks away instead of 4!


Starting Weight: 140
Weight 5/28: 148
Weight 6/25: 151
Weight 7/22: 157
Weight 8/20: 166

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