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Are your kids getting enough fiber?

I ask because we are having issues with Sarafina and her picky eating. She is not eating enough fibrous foods and is getting constipated. She also has had blood in her stool because they are so rock hard. We are trying to really get her to eat high fiber foods. I have a few more things to try and then we might have to ask the doctor about supplements. We also cannot continue to have bleeding. Obviously, that isn't healthy. Sad

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Connor is a better eater than I could ever imagine. I can't say that I give him foods to make sure he is getting enough fiber, but haven't had any issues since he's been on solids. He had hard stools when he was new - which seemed to cause an umbilical hernia. Most of that has fixed itself. According to the list you posted though he's getting tons of Cheerios, wheat bread, spaghetti, and celery. I bet he would eat a whole loaf of bread if I let him!