First Dentist Appts.

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First Dentist Appts.

The girls had their first dentist appts today. It went well. Keira was afraid at first, but was able to keep calm. Sarafina is my anxious baby, so she fussed off and on the entire visit. However, she did great too. I was so proud of them. Sarafina is missing some baby teeth, but x-rays show permanent teeth waiting in the wings. So, we will hope they come in around when she turns 6. *fingers crossed* She also had trauma to the gums behind her front teeth and we are not sure why. So, if it does not heal in 2 weeks, the dentist wants her back in his office. I have no clue what she did, but what if she has had that for a while?

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My dentist mentioned coming when the 2 yr molars come in and Evan doesn't have his yet so we've waited. I do not anticipate it being a fun visit - he hates the doctor and I don't imagine he'll like the dentist.....sigh....

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Oh man, I'd guess Josiah would almost always have gum trauma, one of his favorite things to do is jump off stuff and he's not exactly graceful about it lol
He had his first dentist appt in November, they really didn't do much except count his teeth and show him their instruments. I didn't bring my older two in this early but since I was bringing them anyways I added him onto the appt, our dental insurance covers a 'cleaning every 6 months 100% so no loss. They did say he looks like he may have a cavity starting already, which kind of surprised me since my older two don't get cavities easily. We go back in May