fussy eaters like odd things?

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fussy eaters like odd things?

so, even though Jack is a fussy eater, and eats like a bird, I have discovered a couple odd things that he loves:
-hummus-so much that he asks for a spoon to eat it with, even if he has chips or veggies.
-sweet peppers. he loves them! Even his doctor remarked that many toddlers don't like them.
-kielbasa-we call it Polish Hot Dog-and he loves it--with mustard!!!

He is funny-he will put his fork on his plate and say "cut"--I finally figured out he meant "poke"-he needed help poking his kielbasa at dinner tonight.

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What funny choices, and yet I am glad he likes different things. Biggrin Keira still eats almost everything except pancakes. Lol Sarafina is boycotting meat, pretty much. She did eat some breakfast sausage at McDs yesterday. Yep, healthy! Biggrin She is also such a slow eater and is stating to refuse other foods. I just never know with her.

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Harley is a great eater except she stopped liking her Veggies. Only way we can get them into her is if they are mixed in with her mashed potatoes or covered in gravy like from a Pot Pie or one of those Home Style Bakes. If you put them in her mouth with out anything instantly she is spitting them out before even just trying to chew it, so I don't get it. The Dr. gave us some other ways to try and get her to eat her veggies so we have been keeping them in mind. One thing I can say she goes nuts for are Pickles, even the Garlic ones. I was eating one the one time and I didn't think she would like it but she took a bite of it and wanted more.