Gaining Weight

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Gaining Weight

Sarafina is continuing to have trouble gaining weight. I am not sure what to do. She is refusing most foods. She will eat pizza, PB and J, cheese, most fruits, pudding, and such. However, she is refusing a lot of food. She won't weat most meats. She used to love spaghetti, but now screams and tries to throw it on the ground. Sometimes, she will eat Mac and cheese. She gags on pediasure.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can help her find foods that she will eat? Any smoothie recipes that are healthy and high in calories?

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Have you tried Avacado? Also, whole milk, whole milk cheeses, whole milk yogurt with wheat germ, and maybe carnition instant breakfast instead of pediasure.

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I need to figure something out for Mr. Jack too--he's been around 27-28 lbs since last July, but he's shot up in height. He is like Serafina-very picky, not wanting to eat things he used to like. He asks for Ice Cream for breakfast some times but I won't give him that. He does like soups-so I try to keep a stash of hearty homemade soups and stews in my freezer for him to eat. Veggies are a NO GO. If you figure something out, Melanie, please pass it on!!!

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I thought I was having a hard time with Harley and her eating. If it's not Chicken nuggets (or just chicken in general), Mac & cheese, or french fries she pretty much won't eat it. I do get lucky sometimes with dinner she will eat the meat (we usually tell her its chicken so she tries it) and sometimes mashed potatoes but veggies forget it. Only way I can get her to eat those is if it's smothered in some type of gravy. They also have to be canned veggies where they are easier for her to chew that she doesn't notice they are there.

I'm not a fan with the picky eating stage, I wish it would pass. I would agree with what Megan suggested, those would probably be your best bet for high calorie things.

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Hayden can't have anything with dairy so it makes feeding her a bit of a challenge since she is so picky. Her favorite right now is fruit "smoothies". I take frozen ( or fresh with an ice cube or two) fruit and blend until super smooth. I hide spinach, carrots, other veggies as long as it's sweet she loves it. I bought a few of the arthurs juices that you can get in the produce section to give her and she loves them so much I just tried making them on my own. I'm going to start making them and putting them
In ice cube trays and freezing so I can just take a few cubes and put them in a sippy to melt and they can come with us once it's nice out.