Girls' stats

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Girls' stats

The girls went to the ped today for their 24 month appt.

Keira weighed 23 pounds and was 31 1/2 inches. I think she is a tad taller than that. She hates to stretch out her legs when they measure her. Developmentally, she is right on target. Yay! The ped had no concerns about her at all. He liked her growth. We can move her to lowfat milk and such.

Sarafina weighed 20 pounds and was 31 inches. She has lost some weight since I took her in last for a sprained ankle. The ped was concerned. He did say that she is still on her own curve, but barely. So, he wants us to track her weight. He wants to see if she can gain a pound every 3 months over the next year. If she does not seem to be gaining appropriately, he wants to see her again. He also referred her for an OT eval since she seems to have very limited endurance with using utensils and has a slightly immature grasp for crayons. She is getting there though. We are also keeping an eye on her eyes. I think I am going to take her in for an appt with our eye doctor as soon as possible. I think her eyes are okay, but on ocassion one eye just seems to look odd. I cannot describe it better than that. We are keeping an eye on her physical development because we think it is anxeity related--I will post more about that in a different paragraph-- so, he wants to see that she is making attempts at things like climbing stairs and such before we refer her for PT. He agrees that she seems like she has the gross motor skills, but she won't use them out of fear. Sad

Sarafina must stay on whole milk and we are to work on increasing her high calorie foods. I have no clue how to do that and keep her eating healthy foods. Most healthy foods are not high calorie. So, I need to investigate. Sigh! What a royal PITA! .

I also talked to the ped about S's anxiety. She is just very timid and scared of everything. I am pretty sure her own shadow would scare her. The girl was even scared when people sang for their birthday. She freaks out at restaurants if my DH isn't there. She was scared of the snow the other day and still refuses to walk anywhere even though all the driveways and sidewalks are dry. I know there is nothing we can do, but I wanted to make sure he knew of my concerns. At this point, he cannot say it is abnormal. He wants us to wait and see if it gets better at some point after age 4. I really struggle with this, so please pray for all of us as we continue to try to support her. There is a fine line between babying her and providing comfort and support for anxiety. It is very hard to determine at what point I force an issue and at what point I let it go. For example, when do I give in and carry her from the car into the house because she is scared of the snow and when do I make her attempt walking a few feet to see that the pavement is dry and it is the same as it was before the snow. Sad