Happy Dance!

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Happy Dance!

Keira is finally walking more than just one or two steps. I think she has taken about 15 at the most, but she is letting go of things and taking off. She also stands up from sitting and starts going too. What a relief. She started this just before turning 16 months old.

Now, Sarafina is another story. That girl just likes to crawl too much, is really nervous about walking on her own, and doesn't have the confidence. I don't really think anything is wrong physically, she just needs a little motivation. She will walk with just holding one of my hands, so I know she has some balance. She is not as steady as Keira though. Please pray that she starts walking before June 2. That is when we go back to the ped for their 18 month wellness appt..

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That's awesome! I am glad they are finally walking, or at least taking a few steps. Jack was alot like Sarafina-not very confident, a few steps here an there, and very hesitant. It took one day at the indoor play place where he saw ALL the other kids running and he must have decided that was it, he wanted to do what they were doing, to heck with the fear of falling. Jack did the couple of steps here and there, then the holding my hand thing for about a month before he was ready to go. Now he throws himself butt first on the ground to "practice" falling.

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Yay Keira!! I bet once Sarafina sees her sister walking more and more, she will try more too. That's how the boys did it. It's good that she has some balance and will walk with help though - that's the first step!

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Yay Keira! I hope she will inspire her sister to run after her:)