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The Bean Smile

Since we couldn't hear the heart beat at our first apt because it was too early the Dr. ordered an U/s for us. So yesterday we got to see the bean and as soon as I saw the heart flickering on the screen I wanted to cry. It was such a HUGE relief because ever since I found out I haven't had any symptoms to make me believe I was except no AF and the positive tests.

Heart beat was 171 which I am really hoping it is another girl bc when I was PG with Harley her's was 176. It would make our lives easier since we have everything for a girl. A boy would be nice too but we are hoping for a girl.

They are measuring me a week behind though, so instead of 9 weeks they are saying 8 weeks. So that could be because I Oed a bit later then my surge, I implanted later then expected or a mix of both. I'm just glad to know everything is alright and there is a bean in there and heart beat.

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:party: :thewave: Yahoo :jumpingbeans:

That's super exciting!!!!!

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Yay!! Congrats!!

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I am so sorry i am late on this anouncement..CONGRATULATIONS! very exciting news!

I really wanted another girl too, but still happy with my boy. Hopefully he's just as good as Gemma was as a baby and we'll get along just fine Smile

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Congrats! I have been wondering how things were going. It is such a BIG relief to see that little humbling, and amazing.