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I am so stinkin' tired of laundry! Ugh! I feel like we are constantly doing laundry, folding laundry, and putting it away. It is the same with the dishes. They are never clean. Once they are clean, you dirty something else. I could manage with just the three of us, but when we went to 5 instantly, it was like a tornado hit our house. I feel like I can never keep up with everyone.

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I'm right there with you!!! I tried doing "a load a day" of laundry but seriously who has time to do a load of laundry every day? Especially when there are 4 steps to each load??? So now I'm doing, my clothes a day, the kids' clothes a day, and DH's clothes a day so I only have 3 days of laundry. BUT STILL!!!

Dishes aren't HORRIBLE because the kids like to help empty the dish washer so it tends to go fairly quickly. I do, do a load of dishes every night to stay on top of them.

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Ah yes, laundry. Having a baby in the house means a couple extra loads a week. We give our washing machine a hammering! Dishes aren't so bad, we have a dishwasher that gets run every night when we are all tucked up in bed. I just unload it in the morning.

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I wish we could do all of our dishes in the dishwasher. It is older and we cannot put any of the top rack only plates in the dishwasher because they are too tall. Of coures, those are the plates the girls use. We also do not wash their utensils or sippy cups in the dishwasher. The silicone seems to take on the taste of the dishwasher tablets. Blech!

I have also tried a load of laundry per day, but it never seems to work. I just need to work on a better schedule, but I am not quite sure what that is yet. Some weeks, I am on top of it. When I am stressed out, I cannot seem to stay on top of anything. I get frazzled. Right now, I am stressed, so I am struggling. Yikes!

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Oh jeez I do SO much laundry! But for some reason I don't mind it that much. Our washer and dryer are upstairs I think that helps. If I had to go to the basement it might make me crazy! DH does the dishes most of the time so those don't bother me.

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I never am done with laundry, and there's only four of us. I tried to set up a laundry day, but that didn't work. I try to do loads by person (well, Jack's laundry, the kids' laundry, my laundry, and then household laundry like towels), that didn't work. I just lug a basket down each day and do a couple loads. I hate hate hate putting clothing away, but that's really because we don't have adequate storage.
And dishes? Again, we do a load daily.
At least that I can stay on top of, because we do have storage for them.

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I might be the weirdo that actually likes doing laundry. Gemma thinks she's helping by somewhat folding and throwing it around. I hate emptying the dishwasher though, that's DH's job. Gemma still helps with that though too by handing you stuff that she's picked up.

The dishwasher seems to be running a lot more than usual it seems, but we were home for a week so i think that's why. Other than that, we have tons of plates and glasses and usually run it every other day.

Laundry we can get away with twice a week, sometimes 3 times and i do the towels on sanitize once a week (2 hour cycle that i make sure im either at work for or we're out of the house or i just get annoyed waiting for it). I'm sure this will all change come May when we have another set of clothes to wash!

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I feel like our washer/dryer are always going! I definitely have to do at least a load a day or I fall behind. Actually doing the laundry doesn't bother me, it's the folding/putting away I always fall behind on!

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"mandi04" wrote:

Actually doing the laundry doesn't bother me, it's the folding/putting away I always fall behind on!

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he doesn't fold them "correctly" (yes, I have specific ways I fold stuff to make it fit in our dressers)

This is ME!!! hahahaha DH things im obsessive about it but i hate when the clothes are all wrinkly and not folded straight. I am also really picky about how towels are folded. I just like it to be neat. He doesn't get it.

I'm bad at putting away, i know i'm going to wear it again so i just leave the folded stuff on our big chair. That's when i hate when we are having guests cause i have to fit it all in the drawers and put it all away.

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Oh man I am way late on this, but Mel you know I feel you! I also don't mind the washer/dryer aspect of the laundry, but I HAAATTEEE folding and putting it all away. Our futon is the holding are for all the clean laundry (its right outside the laundry room), then the boys play on it and the cats sleep on it and the laundry no longer qualifies as clean. I do at least one load a day, in fact I have to go switch the laundry over to the dryer right now! It just never ends with two toddlers and two adults, let alone more!

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Yup I'm right there with you. I can never keep up with the Laundry or the Dishes. I even cut down on the dishes we had bc I was sick of them piling up and I really only get 2 days a week to really do them because I just don't have any other time. Laundry gets done once a week also we may do a small load during the week of our work clothes. I know that may not sound much but when you don't do them all week it really adds up. It sucks.

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