Not Talking?

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Not Talking?

Are all of your LO's talking now? Connor rarely says any real words. He babbles and sometimes a word comes out, but nothing consistent. I was wondering what everyone/anyone did with their toddlers to help them learn. I feel as if we are not doing enough.

-I did want to mention that he does seem to know words, I can tell him to close the door and he shuts it, and he dances when I say dance, but no words come out of his mouth.

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Taine's vocab is relatively limited, and spends a lot of time babbling away in his own language. His language has picked up since he started daycare tho. I think it's just he concentrates on the physical side of things rather than his language.

We don't do anything in particular to encourage him other than reading books and letting him watch tv. It's actually quite amazing the things he learns, whenever an animal program comes on he gets out all his noahs ark animals and sets them up Smile

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It sounds like he's got really good receptive language skills-which is super important! Jack says words, and he said "go upstairs" the other night at my SIL's house-"go upstairs" is his phrase for bed. That was the first time he said that, but it was bed time, and he was in his jammies.

If you're worried, maybe call the pedi and ask? Make sure you write down a list of what he does say and what he understands so you can go over it with him or her.

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I have been freaking out about this for the past 4 months. By 12 months DD had a vocab of 10 words. At 18 months she could use (and often did) 40 words. So imagine my surprise when Zayne was still saying MaMaMaMa at 12 months and didn't use it correctly (every one was mamama). I spoke to the doctor who said "He's a boy and the 2nd child, it will come"

At his 15 month appointment we had a whole 3 words being used consistantly, "Boo," "Dad", and "Roar" (if that can be considered a word). Once again I asked the doc if I should be concerned, "He's a boy and the 2nd child, it will come" Was the response I got, again. However he did say that if, by 18 months, he still isn't using many real words we would be referred to an SLP.

Well....I'm not one for waiting Smile My BIL is in grad school to become and SLP and hangs out with Zayne a lot. So I asked him if he thought Zayne had a language delay. You'll never guess his response, "Well Megs, he's a boy and the 2nd child so he has 2 strikes against him. Soon he will have a language explosion."

I'm still waiting for the language explosion but so far he is saying, "No" "Mom" "Dad" "Lala" (Lexi) "Dog" and "Pop" (which I'm sure he picked up from sister who is ALWAYS begging for pop)

SO, I guess more than anything I wanted to let you know that you aren't alone and that I have learned that they really will develop at their own pace. I think that since his receptive language skills are good then you have a few more months before freaking out (if only I could follow my own advice). I would make sure you're reading to him, talking to him, and singing songs with him. ANYTHING to let him hear you speaking fluently and using words.

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I felt the same way about my DS. Wondering if he was EVER going to start actually talking. He still has quite a limited vocabulary, but I'd say in the last 2-3 months it has started to pick up.

Up until then he was limited to- choo-choo, mama, dada, nana, ack(garbage), and a few animal sounds, like a wierd quacking noise, panting when he saw a dog, roaring, etc.

Now he says no, yeah, uh-oh, go, ball, oh way (go away), and is using more animal noises. Still panting though haha.

My DD had a HUGE vocabulary when she was this age. Like she could carry on complete conversations that you could understand. Such a difference.

DS was the same as yours- he would follow instructions, so I knew he understood what was being said to him. I honestly wouldn't worry- PP's are right- it will come Smile

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Evan has great receptive language. I can tell him to "find his cup" -- he likes to stuff his sippy cup in random places so rather than me looking all over for it I tell him to and he does. Get your blankie, get ready for bed (go to the stairs), find the dogs etc etc He knows just about everything I say. But as for him talking he has words - bye bye, dog, sock, all done, yes (which he will say to almost anything), Dada, mama, up. But he doesn't string things together and some sounds he doesn't seem to make at all. My doc seems perfectly content with where he is. I read to him A LOT and we work on sounds a lot b/c he has an easier time repeating me when we keep it simple. I still worry though and a friend posted a video on FB of her daughter who is 3 weeks older than Evan talking and jeeeeez I mean her daughter is definitely ahead but man she could practically hold a convo!

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Thanks, I feel better. I didn't realize girls and boys were really that different this young. I heard potty training will be harder *shuddder* A friend of mine has a little girl who is 4 months older than Connor, but when she was 12 months she had a huge vocab. My mom says I talked late and I came out okay I guess.

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This is one thing that can be so different for every child. My oldest was my latest talker, we even had her evaluated at 2, and she was behind but not enough for therapy. Now she's at the end of first grade and reading at a late 3rd grade obviously being a late talker didn't have any long term affect.
My second talked extremely early and very well, and Josiah's right about between the two. I think he's doing pretty good for his age considering he's a boy and everyone thought he'd be a later talker.
I think so long as you know he's hearing well and understanding you I wouldn't worry about it, it'll come when it'll come Smile

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I believe that the average at this age is 1-3 words. I wouldn't worry too much yet. I don't really buy the boys are later with talking or potty training lingo. My DS started talking at 8 months and potty trained easily at 2.5 yo. I do believe that second or subsequent children probably hit some milestones later just because they are competing with another sibling for what they need. His receptive language is great. Expressive language is more motor-oriented. We can know and understand language, but it takes a completely different process to speak it. We have to figure out what word to say and use oral motor skills to make our mouth form all of the different sounds. So, it involves multiple processes and for some kids those motor skills develop a little later than others. After all, think of all the coordination the brain has to control to make all the little muscles in the tongue, lips, and jaw work to make sounds and words. It is amazing that we talk at all! Biggrin

My girls started talking at 8 months, but still only have about 10-12 words compared to my DS's 40-60 words at 18 months. They also just started walking. Keira started at 15 months, Sarafina was just about 2 weeks ago. They are twins, and as individuals, they compete with two siblings for everything. So, they are later developing than my DS, but they are still within the realm of normal. That is all that really matters. It doesn't mean that I don't freak out sometimes, because if you look at some previous posts, you will see that I do. However, I always have to take a deep breath and remember what is typical.

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Kids can be SO different at this age. Mine are the perfect example-my oldest didn't say more than a couple of words (at most) at this age. He really didn't say more than 10 or 15 words until just a couple of months before his 3rd birthday! He was evaluated at about 2.5 and did have speech therapy for a a few months, then finally had that "speech explosion"-just way late! My youngest on the other hand says an INSANE number of words-he repeats EVERYTHING.

I know it's easy to worry, but I don't think you NEED to be worried at this point. My guess is that it will come in time-whenever he is ready!!

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