Peanut Butter

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Peanut Butter

Are you feeding your kids peanut butter? I haven't let the girls try it yet for a couople of reasons.

1) It is super sticky and Keira lobs food in her mouth like it is an olympic sport. That girl shoves so much food in there that she gags herself on occasion. Remember, she has one (barely there) tooth and 3 more trying to get through. So, out of fear of choking, I have not introduced peanut butter.

2) Isaiah has a friend (whose mom is my friend) who is the same age. I did not introduce PB to Isaiah until he was almost 2, but my friend introduced PB early. Her daughter ended up allergic to tree nuts. Now, was it the early introduction. Who knows? It has made me nervous though. I mean it is possible she would always have a tree nut allergy.

Now,I know that a lot of new research is saying that earlier introduction to high allergy foods might be fine for most kids. We introduced strawberries to the girls pretty early. They love them. So, I don't really hold back on much. Sarafina has even had shellfish. I just cannot bring myself to do PB, yet my life would be a touch easier if I added it in. More food variety for the little twinkles, kwim?

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I don't know much about allergies, as my family has no history of food allergies, but what about giving them something with PB in it to start, instead of like a whole spoonful of it Smile or even small pieces of toast with a thin layer of PB on it.

I know what you mean though about them shoveling food in. DS takes the HUGEST spoonfuls of oatmeal, pokes the extra in with his fingers, and then coughs because there is too much in there. :rolleyes:

DS has a lot more teeth, but this morning I gave him a PB granola bar. Maybe a soft, chewy one would be okay?

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I have no idea when my kids will have peanut butter.. but its because Im allergic and we dont keep it in the house. On a very rare occasion DH will buy a Reese's and take it to a friends to eat it, but none in the house ever. ive been told i can try it with Paxton if i want now that hes older, but i dont feel any need to in all honesty. plus the schools around here dont allow any nut products or foods that may contain nuts, so i have plenty of choices for the kids now that most companies have brought out nut-free options.

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I've introduced all my kids to peanut butter early, pretty sure it was shortly before each of them turned 1. I would have waited if our family had a lot of food allergies, or even just a handful but honestly there are only maybe 3 people in our extended families that have any kind of food allergy. Plus our ped. really encouraged early introduction to those kinds of foods, especially this time, because the new research suggests that maybe all of the delaying of high allergy foods caused more allergies.

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I think we introduced Taine to pb just before he was 1 *i think* . I was hesitant trying it with him because of his egg allergy and eczema, but even those have calmed down.

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My doc basically said there is research for both early introduction and waiting as far as allergies go. For me I wasn't too worried about allergies since neither family history has much in the way of food allergies and I eat a ton of PB and he BF so I figured on some level he may have been exposed. Evan's been eating it since around 11-12 mo. At first b/c of choking fears I'd do a thin layer on toast so it melted down and the toast dissolved in his mouth fairly easily. Now he'll eat a PB&J with a fairly thin layer of PB but he does fine with it. Usually it's one of the foods he'll eat but occasionally he turns his nose up at it.

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I knew I should go for it. I don't know why I torture myself by waiting so long. It is such an easy meal when we are on the go.

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I introduced it early, right around 12 months. She likes a very thin layer on toast, but sometimes she just isn't in the mood for it. I buy the pb&j "uncrustables" too....they stay in the freezer, and you just pull one out and throw it in the bag when you leave...once it's thawed you're good to go. SO easy. They run about 60 cents per sandwich, which is more expensive than making your own, but cheaper than a jar of baby food and it's really convenient when you're on the IMO it's worth it Biggrin

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Asher loves peanut butter! and it is a great on-the-go food. i just spread a thin layer on a piece of whole wheat bread, fold it in half, and toss it in a baggie in the diaper bag to give him as a snack. He's not even very messy with it surprisingly! i also take it along to give him as a lunch he can eat in his carseat on the way home from a Bible study we go to once a week that doesn't let out til 11:30. if i don't, he falls asleep on the way home and goes straight into naptime without eating lunch. and i always take a PB sandwich to restaurants with us, too, since i can't be sure he'll eat whatever i try to feed him from the menu. but like other people have said, there's no food allergies in our family!

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The boys love peanut butter. We gave it to them maybe around 13-14 months, so like 1 year adjusted. No one here has food allergies, so we just went with it and it is great - I always buy them natural peanut butter and spread it thin on toast or bread, and occasionally graham crackers for a sweet treat.

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Derek, and all my kids, LOVE peanutbutter.

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Harley has been eating PB since she was 10-11 months. She loves it. DF and I arent Allergic and I ate PB when I was nursing her so I wasn't worried about giving it to her. I've read things that says the longer you wait to give it to them they have more of a chance of developing the allergy, IDK how true it is, but I remember reading it somewhere. It might have been Parents/ Parenting Magazine. Harley's Dr. wanted us to wait till she was 2 to give it to her but one day we were eating a PB&J sandwich and she wanted some and it went from there.