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Security objects

How many of our little ones are starting to latch onto a security object? Keira loves her "bo bo." It is a taggie blanket with a satin back that my MIL made. I had her make two for each girl when they were newborns because DS latched onto the one she made him. So, Keira likes to take it out of the crib with her to breakfast and will not let go of it. My DS just took it to bed, so this is a little different. We shall see how attached she gets to it. So far, Sarafina is just attached to the stupid pacifier. Sad I keep hoping I can get rid of those things, but she keeps getting sinus and ear infections that won't go away with one round of antibiotics. You cannot wean your kid off the pacifier when they are sick. Well, at least I cannot do that to her.

Also, has anyone tried the Cloud B soother that is a turtle or ladybug? It displays the constellations on the ceiling and plays music. We are debating using that to help wean the girls off their pacifiers. I wasn't sure if any of your kids like it or if it is a waste of money?

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Both of my kids have "blankies". I thought I was going to skip it with Zayne but now all of a sudden he has started "needing" it more and more. He still isn't as bad as Lexi... Lexi MUST have that blanket at all times. We literally have just broken her of the habbit of taking it in public (she will leave it in the van but it MUST be in the van).

We have the turtle. Lexi just now likes it and Zayne has no interest. We do have a teddy bear that Zayne likes. It plays the ocean, heart beat, and wind...he plays it at night, even in the middle of the night when he wakes up he'll find his bear and push the button...then goes back to sleep!

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I've been wondering what to give them for this. I've always offered an array of blanket, just to give them choice, to see if they attach to one or another. Gabe seems to need something, he always wants a blanket in his crib, but he doesn't seem to care which one. For Isaac, it is this pillowy stuffed lamb toy that we call "Lamby". He LOVES this thing. He carries it around and whenever he looks at it he says "ahhhh" and rubs his face in it since it's so soft. I think Gabe just kind of wants something because he sees that his brother has something he's latched onto.

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Both of my kids love their thick plush blankies, they carry them everywhere. Hayden just started with a pacifier because I had to give her something to chew on at night because her teeth were bugging her and she would chew the crib.
Paxton also has about 5 small stuffies he keeps in his bed but he's in a twin bed so he lines them up along the wall.

We had two turtles... They are great in concept but poorly put together. Paxton kept his on his bed between him and the bedrail. It fell off the bed once and shattered the shell. Then Hayden picked hers up ( I would put it on the floor once she was in the crib so she couldn't chuck it over the edge) I got her out of bed one morning and set her down and she pick it up, tripped and it fell and cracked right down the middle. So they definitely are not put together well for young kids. I mean, almost everything falls out of their bed at some point.

I did see at walmart that they have nightlights that you plug in that project images on the ceiling, this might be better for younger kids

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Jack has "bluebear" and his "angel". Bluebear is a fluffy blue teddy bear that his Aunt Karen got for him. I often find him sleeping with the bear in his arms, or using him as a pillow. He will also reach for Bluebear when he's falling asleep. I have to find out where Karen got this bear (she has one for her son who is 5 as well), because if something happens, it will be problematic. I mean he likes his angel, but its just not bluebear. Smile

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Harley has a Blankie that she got attached to early on. I think she was 8 months when she chose this particular blanket to call her own. Then after her birthday we got her that my Pal Violet and she instantly bonded with that. So now she always has her blankie and her violet doll with her.