She's Here!

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She's Here!

We welcomed Aubrey Melodie Anne R... to our family on the 2nd November at 1221am. She was 7lb14oz. Labour was very short- arrived at the birth center 12am, waters broke at 1215am, started pushing at 1220am and she was here a minute later. I had a couple of stitches for a small tear but I remained relatively unscathed.

She is absolutely beautiful and Taine is starting to show some interest in her after ignoring her the first 2 days. He hasn't shown any signs of jealously YET, and is very helpful with Aubrey.

First Bath

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Congrats!! She is beautiful!

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Congrats again! I saw the photos on Facebook. She is just to precious. How have you been feeling since she arrived?

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Congrats! Love all that hair Smile

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Congrats Smile

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She's beautiful!!!! Congrats!!!

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Congratulations again! I saw some pics on Facebook also. She is beautiful. I am glad Taine is doing so well with her. I hope that it continues to go well.