Sick :(

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Sick :(

Connor has the beginnings of pneumonia. He has only been sick one other time in his life. No idea why, he is around tons of people day in and day out. But we have been lucky. We noticed Saturday he wasn't himself, but nothing too serious. Sunday he got a wicked cough, but only a few times here and there. Monday they did an xray and say he has the "beginnings" of pneumonia. I don't really know what to do. He is on antibiotics and mostly acting fine. Not his normal happy self, but still active. Sleeping sounds horrible Sad

Hoping for a speedy recovery.

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Poor guy! I feel for all of you! I hope that he gets well soon.

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Ugh so sorry! We're on our third antibiotic to try and kick some nasty upper resp thing and ear infection. Of course Evan also has loose BMs which I was thinking were from the antibiotic but now DH is sick too soooooo stomach bug and chest/head cold ugh. Poor kiddo