Sleeping issues, anyone having them?

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Sleeping issues, anyone having them?

Need some Advice. Harley is now starting to fight us on bed time. It's been almost a week since it started and last night was the worst. She hasn't had a nap in a few days hoping that with out it she would go right down at bed time. Wrong. Last night she was up till 3am screaming and crying every time we tried to put her down in bed. We even tried bringing her into bed with us just to see if that would work, nope. We also found out when shes super pissed and in this tantrum stage she can get out of her crib IDK what else to do. I can't take another night like that again, especially tonight when I have work tomorrow morning. Help anyone.

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We've had this issue for a bit. Connor has been skipping naps but not going to bed right at 8pm which has been his goto bedtime. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night. The only thing we can do is just take him downstairs with the lights off and watch a movie till he falls asleep. We have also moved his bedtime to 9pm.

Think maybe she is ready for the toddler bed? We transitioned Connor when he was 16 months I think, but mostly because he kept climbing over the side and I did not want him hurting himself. Maybe she is getting freaked out about being in the crib? Good Luck!

{Oh! And I see your new ticker! Congrats!!}

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First off, congrats!! Yay!!

This just happened to us last night, well its been on and off for a bit but last night was horrible. People say they sense the baby or whatever but I don't know what Gemmas problem is. Last night DH went to put her down and as soon as she hit the mattress, lost it. Rocked her again and gft her down. He went to check on her and she sprung up and screamed down the house again, so I brought her into bed where she fell asleep then moved her about 2 hours later and same thing, as soon as she hit the mattress lost it. So she slept in bed with us cause I was so tired and out of patience. I am not one to have her in bed with us (mainly cause I don't sleep and wake up sore).

For a few weeks prior to this though she's been waking at 230-3 in the middle of the night screaming her head off. We finally decided to just leave her and its gotten less frequent. But last nightsa screaming there was no calming her, she just did NOT want to be left alone.

We have a bed coming but not tilll april (long story short, DH's grandfather is selling the house and is giving us the bed set but not till the house is Sold and its not going up until March or something). She's never tried to get out of her crib but I think she wants to be in a bed.

I am hoping it gets easier! I've also heard that 2 is when seperation anxiety comes back and I'm really hopinh this isn't the case. I need my sleep!!!

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Oh and forgot to add that even at bed time she fights us to go down. But DH is the one putting her to sleep so I say my good night and he takes her. They goof around a bit and before she knows it she's asleep. But its a struggle to even get a kiss out of her some nights.

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Naps have been really hard for us lately. Bed time is still fine but he fights his nap for at least an hour every day. I've tried everything from putting him down right at noon (normal nap time) to holding off until 1 or 2. Doesn't matter. Earlier is better b/c at least by the time he gives in it isn't 3 or 4 pm. He isn't at all ready for no nap, by 6pm he's a mess if he doesn't nap so we just put him in his crib and let him go until he sleeps (luckily he doesn't really cry just plays and bounces around). He doesn't climb out though, thankfully!

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Do you think thtat she could be sick? S fights sleep when she is sick and will sob in her crib.

The girls have been fighting their bedtime routine, but once I get them in their cribs, they do fine. S was having some trouble before we realized that she had an ear infection, but now that she is feeling better, she is going in her crib without crying. Kids at this age realize that the world continues while they are in their room for a nap or bedtime. The world is an exciting place and cognitively they are really working to learn and figure out their world. So, difficulties with sleep will come and go.

I will be honest and say that I believe that if you can get her to nap, you need to make sure she naps. If she is not napping, she is probably overtired and way overstimulated. Contrary to how sleep seems to work, keeping a child up in order to get them to sleep at night does not work. Toddlers and preschoolers need about 12 hours of sleep per day. 10 hours at night and 2 during the day. Obviously, some kids need more or less. When their brains do not get the sleep necessary, they become very active and will likely fight going to sleep. So, try your best to keep her on a schedule.

We still do a modified CIO approach with our girls when we hit phases like this. We make sure they have their security objects and whatever else they may want to take in their crib that is safe. We follow our bedtime routine. We leave the room and we let them fuss for a few minutes. If it doesn't stop, we go back in and touch them and reassure them that we are still around and that they need to go to sleep. It rarely takes more than one trip back in their room before they settle down. Sometimes, they fuss for less than a minute and go to sleep. Our sleep isn't always perfect, but I do believe a predictable schedule, naps, and following a good bedtime routine help. Not that you don't do these things, I am just saying what works for us.

I would also remember that developmental milestones can create issues with sleep. S always practices whatever she is working on at night. When she was getting ready for the big leap she just took with language, she was talking and singing in her crib until 9:30 at night. It drove us nuts, but we just let her stay in her crib and do what she wanted. She wasn't unhappy, so we tried not to worry about it. She eventually gets herself back where she needs to be all by herself.

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Zayne doesn't fight bed time but he almost always gets up between midnight and 3 AM and comes down to our room. I'm not 100% sure how to stop it because the door in his room doesn't latch, it slides. But to answer your question, yes, we're having issues as well.

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Oh man, my girls have been up past 9:30 the past few nights. We just let them play in their cribs because what else are you going to do. You cannot make someone sleep. K gives S all of her blankets an such, then she cries because S has everything out of her crib, then she throws her pacifier. Good golly! I can only hope that this week will be better. They sure were tired when I got them up at 6:30 this morning.