Stocking Stuffer Ideas...

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas...

Please share! I'm blanking on ideas for Josiah.
The girls I'm doing stuff for their DS (stylus and game cases), hair stuff, earrings, a book, and maybe a necklace
I'm thinking I'll probably just walk down the baby toy isle and pick up some little stuff for Isaiah, he needs some new socks too so those will be in there
Josiah????? I was thinking maybe a wheelie or matchbox car and book, probably socks for him too since he always loses them...but I don't want it to seem like the girls have a ton in comparison. I just don't have much for ideas on little things for him.

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What about a small puzzle or playdoh for Josiah as well?

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what about a few pieces of candy, an action figure (Zayne likes Buzz and Woody) or some crayons? It's hard because they are at that inbetween age where some stuff is too little and other stuff is too big.

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Target sometimes have stocking stuffers for little ones in their Christmas area. I have found packs of Little People and Weebles there before. I have not checked this year. I also think you can give a little bit of candy. What about necessities like a hat or gloves?

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It's the holiday season. Determine what your automotive lover wants fast, besides a car. If you need help, here are some stocking stuffer tips for the automobile lovers you know. You do not have to be concerned about Christmas any longer. (See to find out more.)

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I found some stuff at walmart, I got her a Mini Spongebob bubble bath, a bath puff, and a hair brush for her stocking. They were $1.00 each. Didn't really plan on getting much for her stocking.