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Summer is quickly approaching. We are a pool family. We belong to a club and we go swimming every day, pretty much anyway. So, I read a study indicating that a lot of sunscreens on the market could be accelerating cancer growth instead of preventing it because of oxybenzone and vitamin A in the ingredients. I thought I would share a website with sunscreen recommendations.

I think we plan to go with California Baby this summer. It kills me because it is pretty expensive and I know we will go through a ton, but I guess you budget in what is necessary. We have always used Neutrogena thinking it was a "safer" brand. Guess not. It is not recommended at all.

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I always use Cali Baby on the kids. Infact, we also use California Baby Shampoo, baby lotion, and butt cream (unless it's REALLY bad then we use Butt Paste) go to and order your California Babies in bulk...that's what I do for the kids. PS let me know if you want to order from, I have a discount code you can use

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We've always used Water Babies and it's all my mom ever used on me growing up. It's a 3 on there...but I'll probably stick with it anyways.

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We use Cali Baby but may use some Badger (though I've heard it's really thick) b/c my friend married in to the family that runs the company and I knwo what great people they are Smile