Teeth...We have Teeth!

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Teeth...We have Teeth!

Wow! Keira is getting 4 teeth at once! The top and bottom middle are coming in. She has been one drool machine though. Her mouth is all chapped. Sad The bummer is that she has a ridge on her bottom gums and her teeth seem to be coming in behind that. So, when I take the girls to the doctor today, I will ask him what he thinks of that. I have no idea if the teeth will push forward past that ridge or if they will stay behind it.

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Yay for Keira!! I bet they'll push past it. Gabe had some weird gum ridges before we got teeth but things seem to have sorted themselves out. I guess the bonus of getting a bunch of teeth at once is that it may hurt for her now, but it'll be less total teething time if they come in blitzes like this!

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Hope they come in fast! Gabriel has 9, including 1 molar. He's got at least 2 more molars either just at or just broken through his gums, and it looks like more teeth are ready to break through. Could be why he's been so fussy, whiny and MAD the past week:p

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Hoorah Keira, at least they are all coming up at the same time Smile

Taine is working on his bottom eye teeth and then that's it til the 2 year molars - oh the joy!

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I realized yesterday 2 molars had broken through.....along with one more of the bottom front four.

Glad Kiera has teeth Smile woohoo

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Yay for Keira! Connor had a break where he only had 4 teeth. Then 4 teeth broke within a week of each other like 6 months later. I only noticed last week that 2 molars broke through only because of a picture we took and he had his mouth open. I was worried since his mouth was all chapped up for a while. Thought it was the new sippy cups he started using.