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Toddler Bed

Ok so we have 2 choices when it comes to Zayne's new bed. 1) my SIL's dad has a twin bed with frame, custom headboard, and matress that we can have for free. 2) Get Zayne a toddler bed first.

I know this sounds silly but I'm really not sure what I want to do! I need Zayne's crib when the baby comes so I'm needing to switch him fairly soon (in about 6 weeks or so). Zayne's crib converted into a toddler bed so Zayne is already in a toddler bed. Lexi is in a toddler bed and I love it because it's low to the ground and I think he would be better if he stays lower to the ground IYKWIM.


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Can you put lexi in the twin bed and then give zayne the toddler bed? Eliminates the need to buy a new bed Smile

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I could but Lexi's toddler bed is Dora and while Zayne would love it I don't think DH would be a fan. Smile

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That is a tough one. Some kids do well just transitioning to a twin bed. I will say that I think bed rails suck. Biggrin The one we bought for Isaiah didn't work too well. I think it may have been his mattress or something, but it didn't really stay up. It ended up being kind of pointless. Good luck with your decision.

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Our crib turned into a toddler bed so we used that with a bed rail and worked great. We moved the rail over over to the twin (which we've had in the room for a month or so) and he transitioned in less than a week all on his own. I guess it depends on if you want to pay for a new toddler bed or get the twin. Would Lexi get jealous if Zayne got the new bed?

Good Luck!

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We just got a single bed for Gems cause we need the crib for he baby too. She has no problem with the height and lives it. I don't think he would have too many issues with a twin. Saves you buying a new bed.

Or you could buy a new one if you wanted an saw the twin for when Lexi will need it in he next few years.

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when we switch Josiah he'll be going straight into a twin. Our girls broke our (wooden!) toddler bed and I don't want to buy another. We plan on getting bunks for the boys room but we'll just set up the bottom bunk until Isaiah's closer to needing a big bed.

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What about putting him on the mattress and boxspring on the floor? That way he won't have too far to go if he rolls off?

I would be all about the free bed, and knowing that would be one less transition he (really you guys) would have to make.