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Update on me!

Hey girls!!! How are you??? Congrats to the new mommas and newly expecting mommies--and the soon to be mommies again in our group.

I am now almost 29 weeks pregnant, I have 10 weeks to go till c-section time. My next appointment is tomorrow, and we will schedule it then. I had to do the 3 hour glucose test the other day--it sucked. I guess I will find out if I failed it tomorrow morning. I also found out that despite taking iron, I am still anemic, so I am now on Bifera (a different type of Iron, I guess) twice a day. I feel my energy coming back now, which is great. I feel baby move lots, and am wondering how crazy life is going to be with a very willful toddler and a newborn.

Jack is doing great. He's a toddler, which we all know what that means. He can test my patience and push me to the point where I just shake my head and throw up my arms and say "I give up" and then he runs up to me and gives me a hug and a kiss and my world is right again. He's talking ALOT. This week he is now saying "thank you" (with prompts). I've lost track of words he says without prompting, but its lots. He also is signing more--milk, more, please, dog, help, eat.

My little business is going well too. I am almost done with my vending schedule for this year. I have exceeded what I ever imagined for sales--who knew people would pay me to make clothing colorful. I never did!!! I am glad that I'll have a chance to rest and focus on my family and our new addition.

Oh, I don't think I told you what baby is--baby is supposedly a girl. 75% chance that she is a she, but my doc won't do another ultrasound unless medically necessary. So...there's a chance that we're having another boy, but odds are that baby is a girl. Her name is going to be Trinity Margaret Smythe S...

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Congrats on your 'maybe' girl! Biggrin So are you buying pink and saving tags or going neutral just in case? Hope you pass the 3 hour test!

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I am so glad you posted an update! Although, I have been somewhat stalking you! Lol

I hope you pass the 3 hour test. Good thoughts headed your way for those results. Congrats on a maybe girl. If you knew for sure, I would offer you our clothes. We have a ton just sitting in our house waiting to be donated.

I know you can do it with a new baby and a toddler. Life will be hectic in the beginning and it will be an adjustment, but eventually, you will find a schedule that will work for all of you. I know what you mean about the "willfull" toddler phase. Sarafina pushes me beyond my limits on occasion. I ignore, ignore, ignore, and she just goes on and on. Sometimes, I just have to leave the room and take deep breaths. It doesn't help that she often starts a cascade effect where my other two kids get in on the action.

Yay for new words! It is amazing what they put together, isn't it?