What I love about toddlerhood

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What I love about toddlerhood

I thought we could post what we love about this age.

I love:

1) Innocence
2) Enthusiasm and excitement about daily things
3) Rapid learning
4) Learning language

I love it when I hear my girls do something new. How cute are they too, right? Little smiles, little hugs, little kisses all make me smile. K calls everything in the ocean (except fish) whales. So, that is hilarious and cute. We went to a dolphin show at the zoo and I wish we would have taken a video of her. "Ooooh, whale, mommy, whale, whale!" Biggrin The girls are also "scaring" each other and their brother by saying, "Boo!" Lol Too cute!

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I love the language explosion and being able to actually communicate with Taine to a degree.

I love how he comes up and kisses 'baby' and gives my belly hugs.

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I love that he really doesn't do bad things intentionally Smile he's so well meaning with everything he does, so sweet!
I love that for the most part he listens to me the first time I say something.
I love, love, love that he's finally at the language explosion age. He was starting to concern me but he's been gaining at least one new word a day the last week!
He's so sweet and protective over his baby brother! When someone he doesn't know well is holding the baby (or his big sisters Lol ) he gets so concerned! He also gets really urgent trying to get me to take care of Isaiah when he's crying Smile and he just loves when I let him hold the baby too.
I do really love this age, wish they could hold onto that innocence and sweetness as they age!