6 month appt

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6 month appt

We had Tigh's 6 month appt today and he measured in at 27 and half inches long and 18 lbs! I knew he was growing, but geez louise! :eek:

We found out that he has an ear infection so we have to start him on antibiotics for 10 days. They didn't give him his shots for that reason. We go back in two weeks to follow-up on the ear infection and get his next round of shots. He's been very congested on and off for several weeks. I feel bad for not making an appt sooner to check up on his health, but I figured they would just say give him a little tylenol if he runs a fever and thats it. He never ran a fever so we never made an appt. Poor little guy has been much more fussy the past 48 hours so I figure thats when the ear infection started. Sad I kept saying how sorry I was that he had an ear infection and DH kept replying "it's okay, it's not your fault, kids get sick." That's why I need his calmness in my life. Smile Still, I hope the antibiotics will clear anything up thats lingering for Tigh.

Have any of your LOs had ear infections yet or been on antibiotics?

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When they can't tell us what they're feeling its so hard! Either we worry too much or not enough- it's impossible to get it just right it feels! I think you're an amazing mommy and didn't do anything wrong.
BIG TIGH!! Geez they're growing like crazy!

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Wow, he's growing great! Nora has had an ear infection as well, don't feel bad! When they're little and get congested it is so easy for it to turn into an ear infection, you are a great mommy and he'll be better in no time.

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Holy moly, he is growing like a weed!!
Sorry about his ear infection! Dont' feel bad... it happens! Ryan has had a few and Austin hasn't had one quite yet. Heck, I had an ear infection a month ago and didn't even know! I knew I felt bad, but that was it. I waited a month before I took myself to the doc. I always know Ryan has an ear infection when he wakes up a bunch at night. With ear infections they usually start to hurt them after they've been laying down about 30 minutes. Babies are so unpredictable with their sleep patterns so it's hard to tell if it's an ear infection or they woke up because of something else! You just never know!