Am I crazy?

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Am I crazy?

This is such a weird feeling for me. I have always loved Christmas time and it was even that much more special last year when we had Olivia. Lately, every time I hear Christmas music (super excited for Michael Buble's new Christmas album) or think about Christmas I get super sad yet super happy at the same time. It's the craziest feeling. It's like I'm on a yoyo, super happy at one moment and then super sad the next. I guess a big part of me is wondering if I will ever be as happy as I was last Christmas when I had Olivia. Is that crazy? I know Christmas will be amazing this year with Olivia (she loves ripping paper and boxes ROFL ) but what if last year was the high point? It makes me so sad to think about that. Sad What if I never that happy again?

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Christmas is so much more fun as they get older.......we have made new traditions for our family and it is exciting to watch things through their eyes!

All the paper tearing and laughing will be precious this year! I enjoy watching them when they are totally clueless to the holiday and see that evolve into them reminding you of those special things we do.

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Awww... That's kind of sweet, actually. Smile

For me it's the opposite. Christmas just kind of passed by cause I was so busy with a newborn I didn't really have the time to stop and enjoy it. I'm *really* excited about this Christmas cause we can actually wrap some toys for her and watch her play with the paper.

I'm excited about when she (and any future siblings Wink ) get all excited and wake me up early Christmas morning or get all happy about putting up a tree or want to go Christmas shopping!! I actually wanted to have babies for the CHILDREN ages (ages 3 and up) and enjoying Sophia as a baby this much was a welcome surprise.

I think once the years start passing, you'll get even more excited about Christmas cause your kids will get you hyped up. Wink That's what I'm looking forward to anyway!

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Aw, you aren't crazy! There are definite times with children where I think you are just sad about time passing, for what's done and never to be again with that particular child. It's not Christmas that's got me like a yoyo, it's the first birthday...I can't believe how FAST the year is passing, so wonderful and depressing at the same time! I do agree that as they get older, new and different happiness will happen. Last year with DS was the first Christmas that he really knew what was going on, and it was really FUN! This year I can't wait, he's got an Elf on the Shelf that we had so much fun with last year, he will still bring it up every so often. He can help with decorating, making cookies, picking out a tree, etc. Watching that stuff thru a kids eyes is just amazing. So even though Olivia's newborn stage is over, as she gets older there's just going to be more and more things that you can share that she'll actually understand, create your own family traditions, all the really cool things about having kids around the holidays!