Amber Teething Necklaces? (xp)

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Amber Teething Necklaces? (xp)

Does your LO have one? If so, do you think it works? Where did you buy it from? What size would you get for a 1 year old girl?

thanks in advance!

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We all have amber necklaces. I totally believe they work! I just had my two bottom wisdom teeth pulled, and was able to be relatively pain free. I have only taken Motrin for pain. When I had to top two out (with no amber necklace) I was on Vicodin for a week!

I use mine for headaches. I used to get headaches daily caused by a pinched nerve. between acupuncture and the necklace, I no longer have headaches. I did 4 acupuncture sessions and the amber necklace. In 3 days of wearing the necklace, my headaches had decreased and within 3 weeks of doing both things, they are gone!

Ace is the first baby I have used an amber necklace with. They girls were hell on teething. Ace has been a dream! Only once did we have to give him any pain reliever, and that's beacuse he cut 4 teeth in the span of 3 days. He has 8 teeth so far. His is 13-14 inches. The length depends on your baby's neck and how long you want it to look. Take a string, use it to drape around her neck. Figure out what looks best, then measure the length Smile

I got ours from Inspired By Finn and Baltic Creations. For teething, lighter and raw is best. The darker the color and the more polished, the less effective they are.

We use them as well for our older girls to help with growing pains, grumpiness, sleep, all kinds of things. My dh uses his to help with his shoulder pain from a slightly torn rotator cuff.