Awful, horrible night :(

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Awful, horrible night :(

Kamden's getting WORSE with his sleeping habits and we don't know what to do! Last night, he woke up almost every hour!!! :eek: he cried and cried until we fed him each time. I mean, screamed!!! it was awful! We're trying to pat his bottom instead of picking him up or feeding him and it didn't work at all. I don't know what to do. He's just not a good sleeper. Are we the ONLY ones left who has a LO that wakes that often??? I feel like he's SO big (almost 19 lbs) and he's such a good baby....we don't know what's the issue. He's eating enough. We feed him solids and he takes at least 24-30 oz. of formula per day. He's just USED to waking now. But he IS hungry. He sucks down 5-6 oz. EACH time he wakes!!! To me, that's a lot. He shouldn't be doing that! We tried to lessen the oz. at night and he just cries and cries! It's ruthless!!! What do we do now??? We had this same issue with it's got to be something we're doing, right?

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*hugs* I am so sorry you are having such a hard time! I don't have any advice, but maybe you could ask your pediatrician? That definitely seems excessive, and so rough on you guys. I hope you find something that helps!

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Try getting some gripe water, that may help. You can also try something with white noise, or getting him to sleep with a blanket. William has a blanket that hes slept with every night since he was 6 months old. Its his security blanket. We are doing the same with Gabby. Has he been doing it for very long or just for the past few days? Around 6 months is a growth spurt if I remember right.

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Lurker from January board...

I had the exact same problem. By around 2 months old, my son had started to sleep six, seven, even eight hour stretches at night. I was so excited and thought we were well on our way to a 12 hour stretch. Then one night he was either sick, or teething, or both, and he woke up three or four times. At first I thought it might be a growth spurt, but if it was, it turned into a bad habit. Eventually, he got to where he was waking up screaming every hour, and the only thing that would calm him was to feed him. He couldn't fall asleep unless he was breastfeeding. I was so frustrated, so tired, and needed help.

My pediatrician told me at his size (he was 15 pounds at his four month check-up, and he is almost five months now), he does not need to eat at night. He felt this was just a habit he had gotten into, and that now that he knew I was nearby and would feed him when he screamed, he would keep it up indefinitely. I went through a similar thing with my older daughter, though she was on bottles and formula by that age.

I finally decided it was time to start doing sleep training. I know that not everyone approves of it, but for me, it was the only thing that worked for me daughter, and she is now an excellent sleeper. I felt like my son needed to learn how to get to sleep and fall back to sleep on his own, so I started the process. I go in to soothe him after five minutes, then slowly increase the intervals. We have been doing it for a week now, and though it is still not perfect, we have come a long, long way, and it is much, much better. I only feed him once in the night now, and usually he only wakes up that one time now. I plan on phasing that feeding out in the next month or so.

Again, I understand this technique isn't for everyone, I just wanted you to know that it is something I have used with success. When I reached a point where I was so tired I couldn't get through the day, and where my son was screaming during the day because he couldn't fall asleep even though he was exhausted, I decided I had to do it. If you disagree with this method, I'm afraid I don't have any other suggestions, but hopefully another poster will be able to help.

I wish you luck. I know how tiring and frustrating it is, and I know how it is to feel like every other baby in the world is sleeping through the night, except for yours. I hope this all gets better very soon.


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I wish I had advice but I send you all :bigarmhug: !! I also recommend white noise, nightlights, and talking to your pediatrician (and maybe even multiple pediatricians if help from him/her isn't working).

Good luck and please hang in there mama! Sending sleep vibes!

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if you feel it's time to "sleep train" - try The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley. I've used her techniques with my girls and it worked well.

I do not use the techniques with Ace yet as he has reverse cycled. That means basically that he doesn't eat expressed breastmilk much from the bottle while I'm gone (3-6 ounces max) but he eats all night long. So he has taken his nightime non-eating hours and reversed them. I am ok with this so I don't feel the need to help him sleep longer stretches yet. As an example his day looks like this:

7am - wake up
9am -3.5 ounce bottle/sippy (sometimes yes, sometimes no.
1130am - mommy comes home to boob the man
130pm - 3.5 ounce bottle/sippy (sometimes yes, and sometimes no)
4pm - boob
530-6pm - boob
730pm -boob and bed time
10 pm - boob
12 am - boob
130-2 am - boob
3 am - boob
530 am - boob then mommy get up to get ready for work.

That said - it sounds like your little man is at a growth spurt to me. He's 6 months old right? He should be hitting a growth spurt right about now. If this lasts longer than a week, it may be that he is getting used to waking and you can try other techniques.

Good luck! You are not alone in your sleepless nights. Just remember, most kiddo's are sleepin through the night by 1 year. This too shall pass Smile

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I would give it a week before doing anything just because 6 months is right at that big growth spurt like PP said. If a week goes by then maybe give sleep training a try? How big are his bottles during the day and how often? Maybe you can increase his intake in the evening - like feeding him at 3, 5, 7, and 9 and then hope that he STTN?

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Good luck- I hope all of the advice leads to a solution and more sleep for you guys!

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I guess I should have offered a little more information. We do use a white noise maker (rain) and he has a blanket he sleeps with (even a very small, soft basketball). We have two very dim night lights that light his room just enough. We have him in a sleep sack.
We feed him every 3 hours during the day at about 4-6 oz. per bottle (depends on how hungry he is). He takes 5-6 oz. at night feedings. We tried to lessen it, but he really wasn't having it at all. He'd cry and cry. Sometimes we might get lucky if he's tired enough and he'll only take 2-3 oz. and crash before the bottle is done. Those are the feedings I feel he could be patted. :/
He's only sleeping one hour in the a.m. and about two hours in the afternoon. We cut out his late afternoon nap recently (he did on his own) that was at 5 p.m. He's now sleeping about 3 hours a day (sometimes 4 but that's rare).

One thing we did change that we *think* might be causing some of the issue is the mattress tilt. We took that out today to see if that would help him tonight.
That...and he is officially a massive roller, so he's been rolling more than he did and the tilt seems to make him hit his head on the crib (we have the Breathable bumper on though, so he's not getting injured). He's also rolling down onto his stomach (we put him on his side as he seems to like that more than his back) and he HATES being on his stomach (won't even do it during the day). He's also just about to crawl (I am at a loss for words, too as Amaya didn't even come close to crawling until 8 months!) The dr. said at his well check the other week that it would be a matter of days (he's doing the rocking motion and moving just the legs, so he's ALMOST there), and I think that might be frustrating him a little because he wants to just go, go go!

I've been reading the No Cry Sleep Solutions book and it's just not helping me much. We're trying the suggestions (not the journal because frankly I don't want to) and they aren't really working. I'm also reading The Happiest Baby on the Block Sleeping Solutions. I'm not sure if that's going to help either. He's a really good baby (not colicky at all, actually super easy during the day and really, really calm). He has barely any gas (which is funny because Amaya was a gas queen!). DH is going right now to buy some gripe water AND Mylicon (just in case that might help). We'll see if those things help. I do agree that he might be having a growth spurt....yes, he just hit 6 months. I hadn't thought about that being a possibility. I heard from a friend about the interval crying solution and I think we're going to try that and go in every 5 min., then 7, etc. and see if that helps/works.
Thanks for the suggestions! Keep them coming...somone might hit on something we haven't tried! Wink

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We tried sleep training with our oldest and it totally worked. It was so hard for me to listen to him cry in the beginning so I would have to go in to a part of the house where I couldn't hear it. It was only difficult for about 2 or 3 days and then he started sleeping again. Totally worth it in the end.

You might try feeding him more during the day, too. I know you said he eats 4-6oz during the day, but will he take the full 6oz every time? At 6-8 months they should be having eating 21-32oz a day. Maybe he needs more during the day to keep him asleep? You could also try giving him 8oz right before bed. We did that this past week when Austin seemed super hungry and it did help him sleep better.

Good luck!!

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I know he won't take more during the day (we're lucky if he takes 6 oz.) but maybe we could hold off on the bottle for dinnertime and give him 8 oz.? I'll try that tonight and see if that helps!
He did pretty good last night.....woke 3 times (which is wonderful for us!) Wink

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This happened to us a couple of weeks ago. Normally, Riley sleeps from about 7pm to 4am, eats, goes back to sleep until 7am. But a couple of weeks ago, he got up three times during the night - SCREAMING! As moms, we know their cries, and this was a cry unlike anything I'd heard yet. And he sucked at the bottle so hard, the nipple was collapsing.

Then about half-way through the week of fussiness, a little toofie poked through, and about three days later, ANOTHER toofie poked through. For Riley, I think it was just a combo of his growth spurt and teething. I also read that at about six months, they are not only going through a growth spurt, but a big developmental spurt that causes them to be clingy and fussy.

This doesn't help you fix the problem, but it lasted for Riley about two weeks and just a couple days ago, it seemed to get a little better. He's still up twice a night (compared to his normal once a night). Hope this is just a phase for you and your LO. :bigarmhug: